DA VINCI’S DEMONS Season 3 Review: The Final Season

This review is based on the first four episodes of the season which were provided courtesy of Starz.

Da Vinci’s Demons enters it’s third, and final, season intent on wrapping up it’s complex story arc without submitting to the confines of a ‘happily ever after’ motif – and once again, the writers deliver. Tom Riley returns as the titular character, Leonard Da Vinci, who finds himself at the precipice of a life changing decision. Arguably the entire series has been a sequence of similar moments for Da Vinci, leading him to last season’s surprise concluding scene which left fans with their collective jaws on the floor. Season three picks up right where the show previously left off and without hesitation, answers viewers demands.

Viewers are reunited with their favorite leading man when the show picks back up as he is forced to make a split-second decision, neither choice being optimal. As the freshly appointed war engineer, Da Vinci reluctantly lends his genius to defending his fellow countrymen from the invading Turks. When viewers last saw Da Vinci, he had just received some disturbing news that may have impacted his decision to open fire on Turks. But the bigger question was never whether or not he was willing to sacrifice for a cause he believed in, it was how much he is willing to give up in the pursuit of what he believes is right.

This season explores his commitment to the greater good as the stakes reach a new height. Da Vinci faces a challenge which for the first time in recent memory, he may not be able to ‘think’ his way out of. One that will require him to pull from an inner depth that viewers have seen only at the most critical junctures in the series. It’s always a treat to watch these specific episodes where Riley really excels in this role. The more vulnerable the character gets, the more at home Riley seems in Da Vinci’s shoes.

da vinci's demons

The state of affairs on Da Vinci’s Demons has been drastically altered since we were first introduced to this world in season one. It seems that even the most innocent of encounters are now bathed in the tainted history that all the characters have come to share. As we approach the end, it’s anyone’s guess who will survive the doom and gloom brought to Italy courtesy of the Turks, on behalf of the true Pope himself, and the Sons of Mithras. Alliances have been forged and broken so many times on this show that it’s hard to wrap your head around who is loyal to whom. But ultimately that’s one of the most riveting parts of the show, and definitely seems to come with the territory.

Da Vinci’s Demons represents a giant step for Starz in the realm of original programming. This show continues to bring a lively dystopian period of history into sharp focus as the writers offer fans an alternate version of events. From the superior casting choices to the creative liberties taken to make this series a bold choice for the network, Da Vinci’s Demons exits the line-up on a high note – closing out three seasons of relative mischievous with a bang.

The entire final season of Da Vinci’s Demons is available to watch Netflix-style (all at once) beginning Saturday, October 24 at 8/7c. Agents of Geek will be checking it out, will you?


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