STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS – Final Trailer Reveals Even More

So many of us were glued to ABC Television on Monday night, October 19th, 2015: during halftime of the Monday Night Football game, we all received our final glimpse (yes, only another glimpse!) of the forthcoming return to that galaxy far, far away with the 3rd and final trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

And of course, it was well worth the wait.

More Han Solo! More flying Millenium Falcon! More of the new players who we still don’t truly know anything about! And…was that a somber Princess Leia?

So many new questions are now presented, and we shall discuss at the end of this review – but, there’s new revelations to explore, so let’s dive right in!


“Rey” and BB-8

We know “Rey” is a scavenger, and several shots in the new trailer show her exploring what appears to be the remains of a fallen Star Destroyer. We also see a shot of her tinkering with something while watching a vessel leave the planet’s surface. The belief is her name is Rey, and that her last name will be revealed in the film – and that she is of Skywalker lineage.

But it’s this shot that sums up everything we know about her, while revealing that she is very much like a young Anakin and Luke Skywalker: a fixer like Anakin, a dreamer like Luke, and she has a droid to help her on her journey that’s about to begin.


Finn, with Luke’s Lightsaber

Toys and artwork that were released earlier this season showed believed Stormtrooper-turned-Resistance-fighter Finn with what appeared to be Luke’s lightsaber attached to his belt. A brief snippet released online last month revealed he was, in-fact, wielding said lightsaber.

The new trailer now shows the full extent of that snippet: Finn firing the lightsaber up in defense from an engaging Kylo Ren. Does Finn even know how to use the lightsaber? Is he simply carrying it on a journey to find Luke? And why is Kylo Ren on the offensive against Finn, is he hunting down a deserter or simply thinks Finn’s a Jedi and he needs to die?


After 30+ Years, Han Solo Is A Believer

Han Solo was never one to believe in The Force, especially in A New Hope. Han called it a hokey religion: he was never in it for the revolution…he was only in it for the money. 30 years have passed since the events of the original trilogy, and Han Solo is now a believer.

“It’s true…all of it. The Dark Side, The Jedi…they’re real”

These are Han’s words in the new trailer. He knows the truth, he’s seen it with his own eyes. And if there was ever any doubt that he was fully invested in their cause by the end of Return Of The Jedi, those concerns are no more. Han Solo is a changed man and a crucial piece to the journey in The Force Awakens.


The Empire (oops we mean First Order) Has A New Catastrophic Weapon

The new trailer shows Kylo Ren in control of a brand new weapon. As he stands at the controls of what appears to be a ship, some type of new destruction-causing energy is being released to his right. And what it does is obviously not pretty.


It appears this new weapon has the power to wipe out civilizations WITHOUT destroying the entire planet. Pretty useful item to have whilst re-establishing your vast reign after the presumed fall of the Empire in Jedi.


Kylo Ren Is Not Alone

Who is Kylo Ren? Many believe he is an obsessive Darth Vader loyalist, true to the ideals set forth by the Empire which revolved around total command of the galaxy and extermination of the entire Jedi Order. Ren can be seen in the final trailer with a group of soldiers backing him, many of which are dressed in the same fashion as their commander.

Who are they? Speculation says they are knights of a new order, not necessarily Sith either. But it’s now obvious that Ren has a force at his disposal to ensure his plan to complete Vader’s work will not end in vain at the hands of The Rebellion, we mean Resistance.


Where Is Luke Skywalker?

Mark Hamill was on-set for many weeks for The Force Awakens, but as of the final trailer, his presence has yet to truly be seen. It is believed he is in hiding, much like Yoda having gone to Dagobah in order to survive and continue to learn the ways of The Force; Luke has been missing for some time. The Force Awakens is believed to be a film centered around the recent discovery of Luke’s lightsaber that was lost in The Empire Strikes Back, as the new cast searches for our old heroes in hopes of returning the Jedi’s weapon to it’s owner. Princess Leia can also be seen being comforted by Han in the new trailer, a probable sign that her Resistance is again at odds with a power greater than itself, and that her brother may never be found.


Trench Run, Part Deux

In probably the funnest shot from the entire final trailer, we see a battle taking place between new X-Wings and new Tie Fighters, all the while in the background there appears to be another trench running along the landscape? Are we getting another trench run scene, as an homage to the original film? Hopefully so. It’s believed this ice planet, while not Hoth, is actually The First Order’s base of operations. Yes, the entire planet. Known as Starkiller Base (a nice shout-out to the original plans for the Skywalker name, by the way), this monstrosity is version 3.0 of the Death Star. Guess they didn’t learn about the dangers of trench construction!



If Kylo Ren isn’t a Sith, then how does he know the ways of The Force? And if he indeed has Vader’s helmet, did he also get his lightsaber from the remnants of Jedi’s funeral pyre? Why is Finn leaving the Stormtrooper ranks? Why has The First Order amassed such a a huge army? And is Chewbacca going to die in this film (watch this final preview closer, kids)?

The final trailer for The Force Awakens still doesn’t give us much on the story that’s about to be told. And that’s actually a great thing. Part of the magic and mystery of going to see a film in the theater is the story they tell the viewer and the ride they take you on to get there. This film is full of nostalgia for several generations of fans, and it appears that JJ Abrams has taken that feeling of nostalgia for this beloved franchise on put it to film for future generations to continue to fall in love with these stories time and again.

Fans, what questions do you have from the final trailer for The Force Awakens?

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