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THE STRAIN Review – “Fallen Light”

We are finally onto our last two episodes of The Strain‘s, less than exciting, second season. The finale airs tomorrow, promising to be a “game changer” of sorts. I am very excited for it, especially if there’s a cliff hanger because I am such a sucker for cliff hangers, no matter how bad the episode. But that is tomorrow, so for today, I’ll be reviewing “Fallen Light” which is the second to last episode of this season that premiered last Sunday. Again, I’m late. Again, I’m sorry. Let’s jump right in!

Okay. Before I go any further, I will go ahead and note that, sadly yet again, I didn’t necessarily love this episode. Like most past episodes of The Strain, the episodes didn’t grab me like the first season did at its beginning. It builds it’s world and characters in a way that just doesn’t come across as entertaining. I agree that we need these “slower”, for lack of a better word, moments to help progress the story, especially with a show full of so much history. (It really needs its own history lesson, just like Game of Thrones.)

This episode we see the return of the shows scariest creature… Eph’s wig. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.) It’s back! Yes, it’s technically a flashback to 2005, but it’s back and it’s scary. But moving on. This flashback finds Eph and Nora having an argument over Eph’s public findings which resembles them fighting when trying to decide on how to fight the strigoi plague. Very interesting stuff. Kind of.

Image source: EW 

“Fallen Light” really picks up a lot of pieces from various character arcs, some that have been in the spotlight for quite some time and others that have been left behind to further other characters arcs. Probably the most memorable scene in this episode deals with Gus freeing a whole cellblock of prisoners, which he wants to fight on behalf Quinlan. It played out interestingly, making me a bit more excited to see what is to come from tomorrow’s finale.


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