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ALADDIN Diamond Edition Blu-ray Review

Aladdin has arrived on Diamond Edition Blu-ray for the first time and it is a must-own for fans of Disney and Robin Williams. I had the chance to review the Blu-ray and recorded a video review talking about my love of the film and the characters. Keep reading to learn more about the Aladdin Diamond Edition and watch my video review above.


Disney’s beloved masterpiece will make your heart race and your spirit soar. Experience the laughter, adventure and Academy Award®-winning music (1992: Best Music, Original Song, “A Whole New World,” Original Score) for the first time on Blu-ray and Digital HD. And now Aladdin shines even brighter with never-before-seen tributes to the enchanting talent of Robin Williams, the “Genius behind the Genie”.

Bonus Features:

The Genie Outtakes – Robin Williams’ Genie outtakes are magically brought to life.

Genie 101 – Our host, Scott Weinger (the voice of Aladdin), takes us through the various transformattions of the famous (and formerly famous) celebrity references of the Genie.

Ron & John: You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me – Directors John Musker & Ron Clements sit down and discuss the experiences of their long-running partnership together at Disney.

Aladdin: Creating Broadway Magic – Join host Darren Criss as we take “a new fantastic point of view” at the story of how Aladdinwent from a classic Disney animated film to become Broadway’s smash hit with Composer Alan Menken and others.

Unboxing Aladdin – Our host, Joey Bragg from Disney Channel’s Liv & Maddy, explore the Easter eggs and hidden secrets ofAladdin in this unboxing video. 

Classic Bonus – ALL classic bonus from the original DVD release

AladdinDiamondBlurayRev small

Buy the Aladdin Diamond Edition Blu-ray HERE.

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