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GRAVY – Blu-Ray Review

“You are what we eat” is the tag line for this film and I really thought I had an idea of what I was getting myself into and really, not what I was expecting. GRAVY directed and written by James Roday (PSYCH) came out of left field for me but don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this film very much.

Gravy Blu-Ray

The film starts off with shy Anson (Michael Weston) working up the nerves to ask Bethany (Sarah Silverman)  out, a convenience store clerk we met in the start of the film. It was really cute, funny, and I had no clue where this was going. It’s fine because then the film moves on to the main course. (I am sorry but I needed to throw that in there. You’ll see why!) We are introduced to a bunch of cantina workers who are all dysfunctional but you can tell, love each other very much. Yup, this film is going to ruin those feelings very soon. Anyways, it’s Halloween and Kerry’s (Sutton Foster) last day (It’s always someone’s last day!) and they all celebrate it. While all of this is going on security guard Winketta (Gabourey Sidibe) is kicking out two horn dogs and Hector (Gabriel Luna) is noticing that their back door is jammed.

When it’s time for all them to go home Winketta and Cricket (Molly Ephriam) run into some unexpected guest who end up tying them up. Next thing you know all of the employees are tied by in a chair and being told by Anson and the two horn dogs – Stef (Jimmi Simpson) and Mimi (Lily Cole) that they will becomes yummy, tasty morsels for them to feed upon! After that it’s a story of games, riddles, the poor chef (Lothaire Bluteau) cooking his friends, and the survivors trying to get out of this hell hole.

Gravy Blu-Ray

GRAVY is a mix of grusome/horror and comedy leaning more towards the comedy and me saying What the frack a lot. I didn’t know what to expect and it differently was something strange. I still enjoyed the film very much. It was heart breaking seeing the chef cook his friends for the three crazy cannibals to feast upon. I squirmed quite a bit. The deaths of the employees were some times gruesome and some were down right hilarious.  My favorite character in the entire film was Mimi. That was one insane chick and she had some pretty great one liners to pretty much everything.

There are some cool extras including an interview with Roday and two of the cast members – Foster and Simpson.

  • Commentary Track features James Roday, Sutton Foster, and Jimmi Simpson.
  • What is Gravy? (1080p; 5:56) is a standard issue EPK with some fairly amusing interviews.
  • EPK (1080p; 6:23) tells you everything you need to know in its title.
  • Trailer (1080p; 2:16)

In the end, pick up this film. The gore/comedy mix is pretty good, it got me squirming, and the cast of characters are a fun bunch which is strange to say for a film about people eating well, people.

Gravy Blu-ray

GRAVY is available now at Shout! Factory!

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