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STUNG – Blu-Ray Review

Scream Factory presents “the ultimate buzzkill” with STUNG which is out on Blu-ray today!

STUNG - Blu-Ray Review

It’s a tale as old as time, someone decides they want to mess around with nature and nature fights back. It’s a stinging sensation!

I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself, I need to throw in a bad pun. Anyways, the film is about a catering company with only two employees – Julia (Jessica Cook) and Paul (Matt O’Leary) who are working a fancy garden party.  The first part of the film is spent with Paul complaining how Julia only sees him as an employee (dude, you do work for her) and Julia freaking out if her catering company will survive. Once the guests arrive and the party gets started that’s when the fun happens.

That fun being larger then normal wasps start attacking the garden party. That’s when things get even more interesting because the wasps start laying eggs into the party guest who then get torn apart and even bigger wasps start to attack. Paul and Julia along with the Mayor (Lance Henriksen) and Sydney (Clifton Collins JR) are the only ones to survive the attack and are now stuck inside the house which they have to figure out how to escape from.


STUNG - Blu-Ray Review

Yea, okay the film was fun but nothing to write home about. It relied heavily on CGI for the wasps when they started to attack but it did not match up with the extras hands. They just look like they were striking air and running around like they were all crazies. Once the wasps started bursting out of people, they looked a whole lot better but they did rely a lot on the gross factor like a woman’s head on a wasps leg or the one of the puppy having one burst out of him. Also, why did no one else run into the house? It’s a big huge house and only 4 people thought to run inside? Oh wait, if they all did then there wouldn’t be any wasps, silly me.

Lance Henriksen’s Mayor Caruthers was great. He was bored the entire party and during the attack. One point they were all stuck in the cellar and what does he do? He starts drinking. Sydney was there to be the weird one and he was the weird one for sure in the film. The film was pretty much about Julia and Paul, their relationship, and how to survive these mutant wasps. They did explain how they became larger then life but there is one part with Sydney and a wasp that I have no idea how that happened. Maybe they did explain it and I missed it. Oh and there is romance in this film. Yes, yes there is.

Overall the film is great to watch as long as you have no expectation of something great going in . The wasps are pretty cool once they hatch from the humans and seeing Julia and Paul fumble through real life is pretty fun. STUNG remind me of the great B-horror films from the 80s so if you are a fan of those and love to question the characters logic, grab a copy of this film.

The sound and picture are great, no complaints from me and the blu-ray has some pretty cool bonus features!

  • Audio Commentary With Director Benni Diez, Producer Benjamin Munz, And Writer Adam Aresty
  • The Making Of Stung
  • Production Blog Videos
  • Theatrical Trailer

Scream Factory STUNG Blu-ray Review

STUNG is out on Blu-ray today from Scream Factory!

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