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BLOOD AND LACE – Blu-Ray Review

“Shock after Shock after Shock as Desire drives a bargain with Death!” Scream Factory present BLOOD AND LACE on Blu-ray! I have never heard of this film before and I was very excited to watch it. It was being toted as a “terror-filled thriller.”


Ellie Master wakes up in a hospital, her mother having just been brutally murdered at the hands of maniac with a hammer. Ellie is ready to leave the hospital and town but the local sheriff is afraid that her life may be in danger. She ends up at the local orphanage or children’s home run by Mrs. Deeree along with the handy man, Tom. The orphanage isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be. Mrs. Deeree just wants the money that comes along with housing the children and if they try to run away, they get punished. Some get tied up in the attaic with no water for days and some end up frozen in the cellar and only thawed out to keep the count current. The social worker who placed Ellie in the orphanage doesn’t really care how the place is truly run. He has other things on his mind (Mrs. Deeree). Ellie realizes somethings not right about the orphanage and now she has to figure out what’s her biggest threat, the hammer wielding maniac or her new caretaker.


I was really interested in this plot but I shall be straight with you. It was a complete mess. I actually got bored and I don’t get bored with these kinds of films. The opening shot of Ellie’s mother getting slashed with the hammer was really jagged. You see the hammer, then her trying to scream, the hammer again, her still trying to scream and some blood here and there. I don’t know, if I was getting hit with a hammer I’d be a bit louder. After both her mother and the bed companion get set on fire, the screaming beings. That’s as about as brutal as this film gets. That’s it. You get the knowledge that Mrs. Deeree and Tom harm and up to a point kill the kids but by the time Ellie gets there, you don’t see none of that. The viewer never gets the feeling of terror in the home. You get to see them harm one kid, a runaway who loses a hand and you get to see Ellie discover a girl tied up in the attic but that’s all.

The rest of the movie is Ellie complaining about her mother being the town whore, wanting to find her father but really can you, her bullying a younger girl named Bunch who has a crush on a boy named Walter, and Ellie wanting Walter but not really. There is also something about Mrs. Deeree believing that the dead aren’t dead and will come back to life but there was no real reason for that. Tom is just around to talk about how much he wants Ellie and Mrs. Deeree making him do all the dirty work.

And that ending with Ellie and the cop. *SPOILER* The copy sets Ellie up, finds out she’s the murder, and in return for his silence he tells Ellie he wants her to marry him. Umm… there is about at least a 30 year difference between you both and the cop did tell Ellie he has been with her mother and again, so has the whole town.

Let that sink in.

BLOOD AND LACE was over all boring. It’s being listed as the precourser to slasher films and it’s worth a watch for that alone but this is not someting I think I will watch over and over again. The ending was both a let down and a WHAT THE EVER LIVING HELL. The plot sounded disturbing as heck and I was all for it but the execution was not at all what I was expecting.

The picture quality transfer and sound were pretty good. The soundtrack was hilarious though. It feels like the score was from an open library source. They raided a free audio library for it. There aren’t a lot of extra features on the Blu-ray; NEW Audio Commentary By Film Historian Richard Harland Smith, Alternate Opening Title, and Theatrical Trailer.

But yea, if you’re curious to see the ending or see what started the slasher era, get the blu-ray. If you have been a fan of the film before, get the blu-ray. Otherwise, casual viewers need not apply. You won’t be missing much.


BLOOD AND LACE is available now from Scream Factory!

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