Series 10 of DOCTOR WHO Could be Final Year for Peter Capaldi

Clara Oswald has come and gone as the Doctor’s companion, and the search for a replacement is already underway. But Jenna Coleman might not be the only one who needs replacing soon. According to Peter Capaldi, who told the Telegraph, his third year on BBC’s Doctor Who might be his last.

This could be my final year – it’s terrifying. I love Doctor Who but it can be quite an insular world and I do want to do other things. There will come a time when this is over. But I knew that when I started. I was thinking about my regeneration scene from the outset. That’s my terrible melancholic nature. When you accept the job you know there’ll come a day, inevitably, when you’ll be saying goodbye.

Well, that’s a bummer considering he’s a known mega-fan of the franchise since he was a kid (and he’s the whole reason why I came back to Doctor Who since Christopher Eccleston left). Though, it’s not uncommon for an actor playing the Doctor to hold onto the role for at least three years. That seems to be the maximum so far since the show’s revival in 2005.

Christopher Eccleston, who played the Ninth Doctor, famously left the role after one season, previously stating that he was interested in working on other projects. However, Eccleston admitted earlier this year that he really left because he was annoyed with how British intellectualism was almost exclusively defined by a refined accent. That may seem dumb, but we do the same thing by relating unintelligence with very pronounced country and Southern accents. Unlike Eccleston, Capaldi seems genuinely interested in doing other things. It could also be because of how perturbed he is about how some Doctor Who fans have reacted since his breaking the show’s streak of “hot, boyfriend material” type Doctors.

Some feel good and some feel bad. I always think that if you’re Doctor Who, somebody somewhere’s going to love you. That’s comfort. But if people don’t like me there’ll be another one along in a minute. It’s only Doctor Who – and I say that with the greatest of respect and affection. It’s not a life-threatening illness.

But does he mind the criticisms about his age? “No, because every Doctor should be different from the last one. If you want exclusively young, sexy guys, to me that’s not Doctor Who. You want occasional ones like that – but then some other eccentrics.”

In other words:

Source: The Telegraph

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