A Box Full of Kawaii! DOKI DOKI by Japan Crate Review

I’m a fan of all things cute. I’m also a fan of monthly subscription boxes so believe me when I say that I was absolutely ecstatic when I got the chance to receive and review the Doki Doki monthly sub box from Japan Crate.


Now what is Doki Doki and what does it have to do with cute? Let me tell you, Doki Doki is a Japanese onomatopoeia (word for sound) for the sound of a beating heart and with that in mind, Japan Crate newest monthly sub bring you “the world of Kawaii (cute) to you every month.

The very first box was released in December which is the one I was lucky enough to review. I’m just getting around to opening it because it got me to the week of Christmas and I got terribly busy with Christmas and New Years. I couldn’t wait to see what I got and I kept thinking about the box as it sat on my desk. I finally got the chance to sit down, open it, and photograph.

So what was in the box?


Oh.My.God. Do you see all these items? I started squealing over everything. The box was stuffed when I got it and oh wow, I was just amazed. When I opened the first things I saw were a couple of plushies, something Pokemon, a Hello Kitty item and a TOTORO!! I knew there were more items so I dug right on in!


I got a Charizard Pikachu necklace, the Hello Kitty was a blind box which held one of five differently dressed Hello Kitty, a Alpacasso coin purse, Nya-Kuma, panda sleep mask, and Henshin Awa Jelly DIY Kit. I can’t wait to try that Jelly dessert. The Hello Kitty figure I got is the cutesiest. I really want to see what the other four options were.  The Nya-Kuma plush also comes with a suction cup so you can hang her.

But my favorite items were the Totoro stuff. That’s right, it wasn’t just the chibi Totoro that I saw when I first opened the box.


There was also a Totoro desk Calendar and a Totoro zipper pouch along with the white chibi Totoro plush. I am such a big fan of the film (I believe in Totoro’s) and I was so giddy when I saw these items in the box.

This box is truly amazing and Japan Crate brought the “Kawaii” to their very first box. Because I was late in the game with opening December’s box that slots for the January box have closed but you can sub right now for their February box. They offer four different sub options – Monthly, 3 month plan, 6 month plan, and 12 month plan. The monthly plan cost $30 dollars but the more months you get, the less it will cost. The 12 month plan is $27.50 a month. They are shipped priority mail for free if you are in the United States.

This box was definitely worth the price. In the case of this box, the Totoro items are quite expensive. While I was in Japan, I saw calendars go for $20 and up depending on the size so trust me when I say, this box is worth it. They package all the items in a bright pink box which is decorated inside with cute animal icons and included a booklet that explains all the items and in my case, I also got instructions on how to make the jelly dessert.

The first DOKIDOKI by Japan Crate was a hit with me and I think if you are a fan of all things cute, it will be something you will love as well.

And again, thank you to the folks at Japan Crate for giving me the chance to review the very first box. I love everything.

You can subscribe to Doki Doki by Japan Crate here.

Photos © Jaime Old

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