Screenwriter Clears Up that LABYRINTH Rumor

Over the weekend, the internet exploded when it heard that the Jim Henson Co. was going to “reboot” the classic fantasy movie Labyrinth. There were dissenting remarks all around (because that’s the internet you ya). Understandably so. Most of us hold that movie as close to our hearts as we do for Princess Bride; we consider it to be an untouchable. Most grievous of all is the timing of the rumor.

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report Tri-Star making a deal with the Jim Henson Co. to “produce a new iteration” of Labyrinth. At the time, it was unclear if the project was going to be a full-on reimagining of the story (aka same story, new cast) or a continuation of the story from the original film (aka a sequel) — “reboot” now seems to be an umbrella term for reinvigorating an existing property for a new generation. Entertainment Weekly, however, was able to find out that the new Labyrinth project is indeed a sequel.

Still, this all broke out a week after David Bowie passed away. Some might say this news was altogether ghoulish and a blatant attempt at cashing in on the star’s death.

Guardians of the Galaxy writer Nicole Perlman, who is currently writing the script for the Labyrinth sequel, takes to Twitter to clear a few things up:

nicole pearlman - labyrinth - twitter - 1 nicole pearlman - labyrinth - twitter - 2

Makes sense. There was a rumor floating around in October followed by a quick denial. And there have been subtle signs of the Jim Henson Co. slowing pushing to make a comeback. But it’s hard to say whether or not the news came out because of Bowie’s death, or if the unfortunate event prompted creators to push forward with the project rather than sit on it. Either way, poor timing is poor timing.

Source: io9

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