THE FORCE AWAKENS Becomes Top-Grossing U.S. Film of All Time

Many doubted this record would happen at first, not sure if Star Wars: The Force Awakens could manage such a feat against a film as successful as Avatar, while many, like myself, knew this would happen way too fast. But it’s been only 20 days and according to The Hollywood Reporter, the record held previously by James Cameron‘s Avatar, has been broken by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Avatar had made only $750 million in its seven month run, whole The Force Awakens made $758.2 million as of only yesterday. Today it will surpass that record and become the highest grossing film in U.S. history.

This is a huge achievement in film history and will be one of the hardest records to top. And the fact that The Force Awakens has yet to open in China is mind blowing. Many are speculating that the film won’t hit Avatar‘s record of 2.78 billion earned worldwide, but I believe, based on the success in the U.S. and overseas so far, that that won’t be a hard achievement for this film. Basically, a whole lot of people love Star Wars and its showing. The Disney purchase was probably the best decision on all fronts and while it cost quite a bit, they’re already making back that money like nothing. Again, The Force Awakens is the first film of this brand trilogy and this doesn’t even count the spinoffs that are in production. Suffice to say, Disney and LucasFilm are more successful than ever. It’s an awesome time for Star Wars fans and movie buffs alike.

What do you think of The Force Awakens overtaking Avatar‘s previously held record?

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