The MPAA released their tuesday ratings bulletins and in a huge surprise, the highly anticipated “Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” has been rated R for “Sequences of Violence”. The bulletin lists that the distributor is Warner Home Entertainment which means this will be only for the Home Video Blu Ray & potentially the DVD release.  This could open a lot of doors for the future of the DC Universe, as this summer comes the Suicide Squad movie.  On paper that movie should be R rated, hell the Batman: Assault on Arkham Animated Movie my introduction to the Squad, while rated PG-13, would probably have gotten an R if it were live action. This comes off the heels of the R rated Deadpool breaking records around the world, and what not.

Something else interesting worth noting, the MPAA rating reasoning is “Sequences of Violence”. While it shouldn’t mean much on paper, the directors cut of the final Hobbit movie was also rated R but for “Some Violence”, the irony being that the movie is pretty much one long battle scene. The main differences in content is a few additional bloody and brutal shots.  Mentioning “Sequences of Violence” could mean that there may be several small and or large trims the MPAA demanded or added blood (one of Snyder’s trademarks for 300 & Watchmen is slow mo CG blood spray.)

The real question is, what did the MPAA find offensive in the first place that ordered cuts. Time will tell. The PG-13 cut of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives March 25, and tickets go on sale Monday February 29, the leap day!

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