Want Conan O’Brien to visit your country? Send him snacks!

I love watching the show Conan and even had the opportunity to attend a taping during my first trip to California when I went to Anime Expo. One of the things I enjoy the most about the show is when they do remotes. It’s where he gets to really interact with people in their own setting. Last year, Conan O’Brien made not one but two historic trips. The first was to Cuba after the US and Cuba restored relations and the second to Armenia where he took his assistant Sona Movsesian to experience her home country for the first time. Of course with Conan laughs are to be expect and at his expense but he also brings some realness and sheds lights on the culture.

As he mentioned in one of the airings of his show this past week, Conan will once again be visiting another country and this time he has chosen South Korea. Why exactly did he choose to go there? Well a huge fan named Sunny Lee (sp?) from the country happen to write him a letter, both in English and Korean, along with some snacks. After that Conan decided that Sunny and the whole country of South Korea deserves his presence. Not only did he announced that he was going there because of the nice gestured but welcomed other fans from all over the world to send him snacks which will grant a visit from him. I’m not sure how serious he was about it but since he’s going to South Korea for this very reason, I wouldn’t be surprised if his next remote was for the same reason.

Which country would you like to see Conan receive his next snacks from? I know I have a few choice places of my own. Tell us your picks in the comments section.

Team Coco love from South Korea

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