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BASKIN is a Slow Burn but Ultimately Horrifies – Movie Review

Baskin has been the latest film to become buzz in the horror community. For those who may not know, Baskin is a Turkish horror film that’s premiered at many film festivals to rave reviews (more on the “it’s appalling” side) and is the debut film from¬†Can Evrenol. It’s also a rare feat for Turkish entertainment, which rarely does genre films. I honestly didn’t know what to expect going into this, other than the balls to the wall trailer that looked horrifying and disgusting in the best way possible. But let’s jump right in because I have a few thoughts on this film!

Synopsis (which is very simple and to the point):

A group of unsuspecting cops stumbles upon a black mass in an abandoned building.

Trailer (which I highly suggest watching cause it’s an uneasy viewing experience):

I’m going to be honest, I had high hopes for Baskin and it did disappoint me a little. I didn’t really start appreciating the film till it’s last 30-40 minutes because until then it was a very slow and dull film. It builds up this world, these characters, how they get to where they’re going, very nicely. But it takes quite a while to get to that point and felt as if it shouldn’t have. That was my main complaint with this film, but by the end, I understood that it was an intentional slow burn for one hell of a finale.

As Baskin started to pick up pace and as the cops began their descent into hell, I grew super uncomfortable as a fast pace. By the end of the film I was shocked and horrified at what I’d watched. From the slow torture scenes to the character design to the… Yeah, not gonna go there. It was just really intense, okay?! I will say that I expected to be a bit more appalled and shocked, based on the all the reviews I’d read, but than again that might just be me and my past viewing experience with the horror genre. But all in all, I thought it was a highly entertaining film full of some quite memorable scenes. It’s sure going to make a name for Can by the looks of it and is definitely the perfect film if you’ve been on the hunt for a different, disturbing horror film.

uploads-1442208274-sept5Baskin hits select theaters and Digital Download starting today.



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