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Batman: Bad Blood Movie Review


Well if  you ever wanted or needed to see more additions into the Bat family, Batman: Bad Blood is the movie for you. This is the follow up to the Son of Batman (2014) and Batman vs. Robin (2015) movies. Here we see what happens when Batman/Bruce Wayne disappears and the rest of the “family” have to fill in. This brings in the introduction of the characters Batwoman and Batwing. The movie is action packed from the very beginning and everyone in the family gets their share in.

Though Batman is usually the main and lead character, he actually takes more of a backseat throughout the film. This gives us more time with Nightwing, Robin, Batwoman, Batwing, and even Alfred:

Batwoman/Kate Kane (Yvonne Strahovski): This was actually my first time becoming familiar with Batwoman so I was coming into this movie with no prior knowledge of the character. She’s a great fighter and has the abilities to back her up. I thought the way we got to explore of her civilian life, past and present, were handled well.

Robin/Damian Wayne (Stuart Allan): Going by what I know of him through the previous movies, he is in the process of maturing but definitely still a brat. The influence of Batman, however, is starting to show more in him. He goes by these beliefs throughout the movie and is trying to fighting by them now.

Nightwing/Dick Grayson (Sean Maher): He just can’t escape from Batman even when he’s not present. In this movie where we’re gathering new ‘Bat’ recruits, we hear the thoughts of, I guess the ‘Big Brother’, on what it was really like being with not just Batman but Bruce Wayne as well. The thoughts won’t surprise you. We didn’t see too much of the Dick Grayson civilian life though he seems to be in talks with a familiar character based on his phone conversation.

Alfred Pennyworth (James Garret). While everyone else was taking over for Batman, that only left Alfred to play the role of Bruce Wayne. It seems even that can take its toll on a person. Personally I would have thought it was just Alfred and that he was getting up there in age. After fully watching the film, I don’t dare underestimate him. Alfred still got some moves left in him. Do not mess with him!

Batwing/Luke Fox (Gaius Charles): He’s new and doesn’t have too much to go on at the moment. He’s definitely a bright man, as he is the son of Lucius, and has military background which are great assets to have in this family. Not being on the front line is just not his thing. I’m sure he’ll get used to the new suit and double life.

Overall this was a great movie. The run time was 72 minutes so all the events happen quickly. This wasn’t just your typical Batman movie, we see the true influence that Batman has on others particularly his family. The speech by Nightwing near the end of the movie pretty much explained it all. The understanding of the relationship between Batman and his prodigies is more clear.

On a side note I was intrigued by one particular character. She didn’t get a lot of screen time nor did she speak but I wanted to see more of her fighting skills and just of her in general. Sad she was only reduced to a side role. In her last moment she went out with a bang though, literally. I was hoping to see her again but it doesn’t look that way.

Batman: Bad Blood is available now on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD


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