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After suffering an explosion at the hands of a terrorist bomber, detective Ben Walls (Played by Clayne Crawford) awakens in a hospital and is forced to remain inside the building at the behest of his Captain. As Ben navigates the hospital’s alarmingly empty hallways, he soon finds himself hunted by a self-proclaimed avenging angel and haunted by apparitions whose deadly motives remain a mystery. Now Ben must find a way to both stop the supernatural forces that want him dead and catch the bomber before he strikes again in this gateway between heaven and hell. “Convergence” is a film that keeps you on your toes for an hour and forty minutes and leaves you questioning faith and redemption. Jamie Hall of Fraking Films calls the film “brilliantly directed, terrifically acted”

We talked with the film’s director Drew Hall about everything from filming in Alabama to the new “Lethal Weapon” reboot. Read the full interview below.

In one sentence how would you describe “Convergence”?drewhall

DH: After suffering an explosion at the hands of a terrorist bomber, detective Ben Walls awakens in a hospital and is forced to remain inside the building at the behest of his Captain and soon finds himself hunted by a self-proclaimed avenging angel and haunted by apparitions whose deadly motives remain a mystery as he attempts to solve the case of a lifetime in this provocative, psychological thriller.

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome with making “Convergence”?

DH: Honestly, the production of Convergence went very well. We were fortunate to have a very passionate crew who gave everything they had to the film. Coupled with an incredibly talented cast, the production process was incredibly smooth. Our biggest challenge was finding a distributor who would stand behind the film as it is somewhat non-conventional in its design. I wanted to make a film that was neither reboot or so unfamiliar that it would alienate viewers. Independent film is about taking risks and an idea like Convergence is a risk. Thankfully, Dark Sky Films picked it up and has championed it.

convergence_posterIt was just announced that Clayne Crawford, whom is the star of your film, is going to be in FOX’s Lethal Weapon reboot as Mel Gibson’s character. What do you think about this?

DH: First, I spoke to Clayne the other day as he and I are developing another film together and told him how absolutely awesome it is that he is playing Riggs. I am a huge fan of Shane Black’s Lethal Weapon script and I know that Clayne will bring a completely amazing tone to his version of Riggs.

Second, I was relieved. That franchise holds a very special place in my heart and the cast Fox has put together is fantastic. Prior to the announcement I was very curious who they would find to be Riggs – couldn’t be in better hands.

Third, having worked with Clayne who plays a detective in Convergence, and knowing how much he put into that role both emotionally and physically…I became jealous. I really want to work on Lethal Weapon. I wonder if he gets an assistant.

Is there a certain message you would hope viewers of Convergence would walk away with after seeing the film?

DH: Absolutely and it’s not directly religious, but it is spiritual. Often redemption is confused for revenge and sadly that disrupts any notion of grace through forgiveness we can offer those who have wronged us. It takes a tremendous amount of faith to forgive. You have to trust yourself, the person being forgiven and the universe (or God) that it will be handled appropriately. It is through that faith that you bestow grace and find your own redemption. In Convergence, we blur the lines and show both sides: Redemption and Revenge.

You have a company called Frame 29 Films that has produced several films such as Sons of Liberty and The Phoenix Rises. How and why did you start this company?

Frame 29 Films was born from the passion to tell interesting stories that might normally go overlooked. Horst Sarubin, partner, and I came into the business from the crew side and know how challenging the industry can be to get into, so with Frame 29 Films we take risks on creative, cast, and crew. We often say we walk the line between fandom and professional. We love movies. We love to make movies.

Your company Frame 29 Films shoots its projects mostly out of Alabama. Why this location?

DH: There are quite a few factors that go into it, but the primary reasons are that Alabama has an awesome tax incentive and we both got our start, almost two decades ago, working on motion pictures in Alabama. It doesn’t hurt that we grew up here and therefore, have a tremendous amount of support from local cast, crew, and film offices.

The artwork for Black Eyed Kids looks very promising. Can you tell us about that project and when we can expect it?

DH: I am an avid listener to both Coast-to-Coast AM and the Darkness Radio podcast who have both had feature stories on the urban legend of Black Eyed Kids. I find that story to be incredibly creepy. It wasn’t until my 2-year-old daughter said some creepy stuff one day about seeing a dark man at the door to our home that the idea really took off in my head. The fun part about BEK is that it is written to be a franchise in that each episode sheds more light on the mysterious origins of both the legend and the beings themselves.

We are hoping to start shooting it this year for a 2017 release.

What would be your dream project to director or produce?

DH: I co-wrote a trilogy of films based in a steampunk inspired science fiction universe called Aether, which you can see a short proof of concept on at I really want to get that first installment made. Its original science fiction with a big scope in a new universe – it’s the kind of story I grew up watching a la Star Wars.

If I got two choices…it would be Aether and anything Firefly related if they ever did a reboot, spin off, re-imagining, or sequel. I am a diehard Browncoat.

“Convergence” is now available on iTunes and was released by Dark Sky Films. You can learn more about Hall’s Frame 29 Films at

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