Scream Factory brings us another gem of a Blu-ray release! This time they are welcoming us back to the 90s with the paranoid thriller flick DISTURBING BEHAVIOR starting James Marsden, Katie Holmes, and Nick Stahl. This film is like the teen version of The Stepford Wives. It could also have been a really cool episode of The X-Files back in the day. Disturbing Behavior was directed by David Nutter who was a director the the hit sci-fi series.


A year after a family tragedy which they hardly ever mention because as we all know family’s do not communicate, Steve Clark (James Marsden) moves to Cradle Bay along with his young sister, mother, and father. Moving from the big city of Chicago to a peaceful town makes everything better y’all. While Steve is trying to fit in to his new school a stoner named Gavin befriends him and warns him that something is not right on campus, something evil is lurking. Dude, I can name a lot of things that isn’t right in the school. Anyways, that something evil is known as the “Blue Ribbons,” a group of goody two shoes who secretly have violent tenancies and some of the grown ups are trying to keep it quiet. Scott also be friends Rachel (Katie Homes) is all dolled up in a black pleather jacket , black eyeliner, and is known as the school’s whore. She doesn’t believe in Gavin’s lunacy but when Gavin shows up looking like a Blue Ribbon and Scott gets the crap beat out of him in front of the whole school, it’s up to him and Rachel to discover the real truth.


I actually watched this film in the theaters and it was an okay. I did jump on the chance to get to see it on Blu-ray so even though I’m saying it was okay, it was a fun film. It’s not a scary film as the studio tried to make it. After SCREAM made it big every teen film that wasn’t a comedy was billed as a horror film. This is more of a sci-fi suspense then anything else. The film also gives you the entire plot towards the half of the film and you get the back story of Steve’s family drama towards the end but it feels like they just tossed it in there because “Whoops, we mentioned this and now we need to add it AND WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME.” There isn’t much in the way of character development for any of the characters both stars or supporting. Pretty much this film is about a doctor who tries to make the teens of this little town into upstanding citizens but they go all crazy when they get horny and kill. That’s it. Steve and Rachel have to figure out a way to stop the evil mad scientist and not let the Blue Ribbons get out into the real world. This is not a masterpiece of any kind but worth a watch. I will say that the deleted scenes give you a much better feel towards the film then what ended up being the final cut. I wished they had left those in but what can you do. Also, if you get the chance, listen to to the soundtrack. It’s pretty amazing.


James Marsden (the X-Men films), Katie Holmes (Batman Begins) and Nick Stahl (Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines) star in this pulse-pounding sci-fi chiller from director David Nutter (Game Of Thrones, The X-Files).

In the halls of Cradle Bay High School, something sinister is happening… something dark… something disturbing. Sure, the “Blue Ribbons” – the clique that’s at the top of the food chain at Cradle Bay – appear perfect in every way. But underneath their clean-cut, well-mannered facades lurks a shocking secret – one that a group of Cradle Bay High’s outsiders and rebels must uncover in order to save their school, their town… and their own lives.

Bonus Features:

  • Audio Commentary By Director David Nutter
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Alternate Ending
  • Theatrical Trailer


DISTURBING BEHAVIOR is available now from Scream Factory!

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