Everyone’s Favorite Smuggler Gets a Mini Series! STAR WARS: HAN SOLO

Princess Leia, Lando, and Chewbacca have had their own mini series runs and now Han Solo gets to join!

STAR WARS: HAN SOLO five issue mini series which was announced yesterday (sorry, I was too busy freaking out over it to and not able to form words) will be written by Marjorie Liu (X-23, Astonishing X-men) with art by Mark Brooks (Amazing Spider-man, Uncanny X-Force) and cover art by Lee Bermejo.

The series will take place between the events of Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back. In a interview with EW, Marjorie Liu said: “This is a Han Solo who doesn’t quite know who he is anymore,” and she goes on to say that “He doesn’t think about politics, and suddenly he’s thrust into this life-or-death struggle for beliefs he didn’t even know he cared about — and it has changed him. He doesn’t want to believe 
that change, but he has.” 

I have been loving the Star Wars comic stories that have been coming out of Marvel and I enjoy these mini series a lot and I’m excited that my favorite scoundrel will betting his own series!

And here’s a preview which the folks at Marvel were nice enough to share!

Star Wars: Han Solo #1
Image via: MARVEL
Star Wars: Han Solo #1
Image via: MARVEL

I already added the title to my pull list at my local comic shop! Are you guys excited for the newest mini series to join the Star Wars line up? I can’t wait to see more of Han and Leia together as well. I’m throwing it out there, any chance I get to read more of Leia’s adventures even if it’s a tiny cameo and if it’s includes Han, I’m all over it. Haha.. How about you? Tweet at me and we can chat and spazz out over this announcement together!

Star Wars: Han Solo #1
Image via: MARVEL

Han Solo has finally entered his ship into the Dragon Void Run – an infamous high-stakes race across the stars. You know, the race Han has dreamt of winning. Only there’s a catch – his entry into this legendary race is a top-secret undercover mission for Princess Leia and the Rebellion! Will he keep his mind on the mission? More importantly – can he manage to pull it off while still maintaining his lead in the race?!


On Sale in June!

(Via: EW and MARVEL Press Release)

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