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Fly to Catch The Phoenix Incident For One Night Only on March 10!

Coming soon, and brought to you by Fathom Events, is the science-fiction thriller The Phoenix Incident.  Written and directed by Keith Arem, The Phoenix Incident is based on the real life “The Phoenix Lights” in March 13, 1997, an event that was witnessed by thousands who saw UFOs over the skies of Phoenix, Arizona and Sonora, Mexico.  Although the United States Air Force came out after the fact and claimed to debunk the sightings, the truth of what that happened that night is still hotly debated and shrouded in mystery. Arem brings us his found-footage/conspiracy thriller take on what could have happened surrounding those events.

So far, little is known about the film aside from pieces of marketing and the trailer which can be found HERE.  Arem’s vision is more than just a passing interest, as he is a Phoenix native and the story has personal ties to him.  Although The Phoenix Incident is his feature film debut, Arem has a long history in the video game industry, particularly Call of Duty, and the influence is immediately felt in the trailer footage.  Much like a video game monster, and movies like The Blair Witch Project, little is shown of the aliens themselves, leaving the audience in terror and suspense at what little they can see; perhaps more so at what they can’t.

The Phoenix Incident focuses on four men who disappeared around the time of the lights and their potential abduction by aliens, and the involvement of the military in covering up and fighting back the invading threat.

The film has an extensive viral marketing campaign that can be found via their website and The trailer for the film can be found at  Utilizing a unique transmedia partnership with the smartphone app Shazam, viewers can also view additional content and even enter a sweepstakes.

The Phoenix Incident will make its U.S. premiere exclusively with Fathom Events in theaters nationwide on March 10, 2016. Check your local theaters for tickets to be purchased at


Inspired by true events, The Phoenix Incident is based on the largest UFO sighting in North America known as the Phoenix Lights. Blurring the line between fiction and reality, the fact based, sci-fi thriller revolves around a military conspiracy and the controversial missing person’s case surrounding the infamous 1997 event. 


The Phoenix Incident is written and directed by Keith Arem, and starsTroy Baker, Yuri Lowenthal, Travis Gillingham, and Michael Adamthwaite.

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