Han Solo Spin Off To Include Chewbacca’s Origin As Well

Well it seems just like with the other Star Wars movies, where there is Han Solo, Chewbacca is right beside him. As you already know, it was announced Han Solo will be having his own stand alone feature film covering his origin story. I think in the back of our minds we all might have thought this would included Chewbacca in some way, depending on how much of Solo’s backstory they were going to tell. Well it was just confirmed by Disney CEO, Bob Iger, that not only WILL Chewbacca be in the film but his own origin story will be included as well.

This was all revealed to The Wrap that included talks of the Star Wars Rogue One spin off. Rogue One is the story that takes place right before A New Hope where a rebel group is plotting to take the plans of the Death Star.

The much anticipated Han Solo movie is expected to come out in 2018 sometime after the release of Star Wars 8. As far as who will be playing the younger Han Solo, there were talks about possible actors for the part such as Miles Teller (The Divergent Series) and Dave Franco (Neighbors). No further news has followed up since then. The film itself has not confirmed an official title yet however we do know that Phil Lord and Chris Miller will be directing.

Han Solo is definitely a cool character and probably one of my favorites in the Star Wars universe. Having a movie that will gives us more insight on his life and the beginnings of his relationship with Chewbacca is all too overwhelming. I think it’s well assumed that I’m excited for this project and hope for the best for it.

What are your thoughts on not only the upcoming Han Solo origins but also Chewbacca’s? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Complex

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