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Some Spoilery Thoughts on 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE

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A tense thriller that botches the ending

Up until the last 15 minutes or so of 10 Cloverfield Lane, I was really enjoying the movie. Its a very well made and suspenseful “trapped in a bunker” survival story, with some excellent performances by John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winestead and John Gallagher Jr. After a car accident, a young woman (Winestead) is seen trapped, badly injured and handcuffed. Her captor Howard (Goodman) tells that something bad has happened and that he has her cuffed “to keep her safe”.  Much of the movie did remind me of the Oscar Winning “Room“.  In that it mainly takes place in one setting, with nobody really know whats happening outside of what Howard calls a bomb shelter.  Performances from all 3 main actors is terrific, especially Goodman. He becomes truly terrifying at times. And through out the first and second acts, the film is really good, bordering on great, with some big shocks.  When it comes time to escape, it goes all to hell.

Warning, Major spoilers ahead, if you haven’t seen 10 Cloverfield Lane yet, don’t read on


My main complaint about the last act, Howard becomes Essentially a horror movie villain.  After getting tripped and falling into a vat of acid, Michelle starts making her way trying to escape, and some how Howard manages to get up and try to attack/prevent her from escaping. He even uses a knife and stabs through the vents that Michelle has climbed through, all this while having a badly disfigured face and probably body, the movie is PG-13 after-all and probably could only show so much.  I know it’s supposed to make it more suspenseful for Winestead to be still in danger but come on, he fell in enough hard acid that should of at least badly wounded him to a point where he can’t get up. Not to mention, Goodman was still severely overweight when the movie was shot. It kind of took out some of the plausibility. As up to that point, everything was presented realistic enough to where you buy into the story and what the characters are going through.

And next, once she gets out, the monster reveal. I actually would have preferred if after showing that Howard has killed people and is clearly psychotic, that it turned out he was telling the truth about not wanting Michelle and  Emmett (John Gallagher Jr) to escape, & letting people in. Where it did turn out to be some kind of nuclear weapon had been detonated.  & when Michelle realizes what had happened, then boom, cut to black.  Would have been dark as hell but it at least is better than it turning out to be a monster.  And its not even the same monster from the original Cloverfield.  The director essentially confirmed that this movie has 0 connection or continuity with the original Cloverfield, that it is its own separate universe/movie.


Although, if they make a 3rd movie, with Winestead joining the military to help kick ass and save humanity, I will def see that movie. There has been some talk about doing another Cloverfield set movie, but it’s too early to tell if we’ll get another one though the opening weekend box office was very solid, as per Wiki the budget was only about $15 million, so a $50 mil overall US gross  would be considered a success.  So overall i’d give 10 Cloverfield Lane a 6/10. But if it wasn’t for the 3rd act, it would have been a 8 or even a 9  out of 10. Below is the original trailer, which in my mind is one of the better “first trailers” I have seen in a long long time.  Great use of music too, which the song is in the film.  Also, Feel free to comment and or send me a tweet @theChewDefense if you agree or disagree with me on this one.

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