Its Jason Statham vs a Shark As Actor Boards MEG

No this isn’t some cheesy Asylum/SyFy original, this is a big Warner Bros. release! Deadline is reporting that action star Jason Statham (Fast 7, the Crank movies) is in talks to star in Meg. Based on the book of the same name, Meg tells the story of a group of people (probably led by Statham) assigned to kill a giant shark that’s been killing people in the China Sea. And it turns out our Shark is a Megaladon which can reach 60 feet long. So if Jason Statham is in a modern take on Jaws, this is something you need to see!


The film is being directed by Jon Turteltaub, who’s filmography includes the National Treasure movies, the first 3 Ninjas movie and some TV including the pilot for the Rush Hour TV show. The film is currently in pre production but imdb lists a 2017 release.

Expect this potential masterpiece of cinema in either in January or late summer of 2017!

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