Netflix in Talks To Take Over DEATH NOTE Production

This is big.

For those that haven’t been keeping track,  The Hollywood Reporter mentioned that Warner Bros. was cutting back on their film slate.  They only want to commit to the big tentpoles from the DCEU films (Batman, Justice League, and Wonder Woman), the Lego Franchise, and the upcoming Harry Potter spin offs Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

There’s speculation that due to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice “under performing” at the box office, Warner execs want to only really do sure fire hits. They are willing to make exceptions and continue working with Ben Affleck, Clint Eastwood and Christopher Nolan. They’re directors that are considered “in the Warner family” and could be considered ‘sure fire hits’


It looks like Adam Wingard’s adaptation of the popular anime Death Note was the first casualty. Per Jeff Sneider of the Wrap, production on the film was supposed to start very soon, but Warner decided to pull the plug. He noted on twitter that in the end, Warner wasn’t sure they could make a mid budget movie the way Wingard wants & for it to also make money beyond core fans.  Sneider’s bombshell is that Netflix is in talks to possibly pick it up and essentially letting Wingard make the film he wants without interference. If this goes through, this would be a huge get for the streaming giant.

Currently Death Note stars Natt Wolf ( The Fault In Our Starsand Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers). The overall premise is that Wolff’s character discovers a supernatural notebook that would allow him to kill anyone simply by writing a name in it. In the anime, Wolff’s character’s name is Light Yagami, no word yet on if Wingard plans on changing character names and some situations to make the series more american.

Both Wingard’s movie The Guest and the original anime series version of Death Note are streaming on Netflix. They both come highly recommended.

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