A SPACE JAM 2 Is A Go With LeBron James To Star

Depending on how old you are and if you are a fan of the NBA star or not, this will determine how excited you are about this story. The Hollywood Reporter is exclusively reporting that Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Star LeBron James will star in Space Jam 2 and that Justin Lin is directing. Lin recently wrapped the newest Star Trek film and has directed Fast & Furious 4-6.


Before anyone freaks out  and starts complaining about ‘why LeBron?’, he was shockingly good in Trainwreck.  He was able to riff with Bill Hader and never felt like he was reading lines as he was saying them. Lets just say he’s certainly a better actor than Shaq.  The project is still in the scripting stage and assuming they can get everything set, the film could shooting this summer while the Basketball season is on break.

As someone who grew up in the 90s when the original Space Jam was released and is a Looney Tunes fan, I am morbidly curious to see how this turns out.

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