5 Ways Rebirth Is Better Than Civil War 2

This summer was full of comic book events, and the fans were just blown away by one event after the other. Both Marvel and DC have made a powerful and modern come back which kept us busy for long nights in a row. This year we have seen the regeneration of the world of comics which has been stagnated since the 90’s.

This news is pretty exciting and deserves a big celebration in the world of comic books. However, the time has come for an epic battle to take place between the stories of the eternal two archenemies American publishers. The odds are already in favor of the DC’s Rebirth than the Civil War 2 created by Marvel and let’s see the five main reasons that support these results. Don’t adventure any further if you are not in for major spoilers.

1.     Rebirth Dominates the Bestseller List

First off, the numbers will tell us the exact outcome of the impact between the two comic book publishers. There has been already made a Bleeding Cool Bestseller List where a number of comic stores have disclosed their sales and the total number speaks volume about the popularity of DC’s Rebirth.

There was never in the history of DC a better retail turnout than the year of 2016. Even though Marvel has released a greater number of recent comics, namely 80 series while DC sticks with 40, this is another case when quality beats quantity by far. Even when the big moment in Civil War II has finally reached the stores, the sales still favored the Rebirth comics.

2.      Unreasonable Deaths vs. Legacy

The Marvel played the “dramatic” card with its new Civil War II issues. Nothing holds Marvel back from killing some of the most beloved heroes of all time, War Machine, Hulk and Captain America (again?). The topic of death is way too familiar with the Universe of comics, but this usually occurs for a reason. Ceasing the existence of a superhero usually, comes as a support for the ascending of other beloved characters.

However, in the world of Civil War II, besides the fact that the death of these two characters is seen only through the eyes of Captain Marvel, which makes the scenes a little too impersonal, War Machine and Hulk are left without a clear identity. In other words, they don’t get the chance to state exactly what their beliefs are and what side they are on. The fans are left with just a bitter taste after these battles, and they don’t know why.

On the other hand, DC Comics proved to have a firm grasp of the death concept and used it in a crafty way. The mysterious entity known as Pandora played a major role in creating the New 52 Universe. However, the 2016 series, Wally West sees her dying in her attempt to escape a mysterious villain. Her archfoe obliterates her into thin air, but not before Pandora declaring her Legacy to the heroes of the world. She is convinced that the superheroes will bring back hope and optimism, the two motifs that describe the whole Rebirth series.

3.     The Future vs. Present


Many comic fans are not that much into what was supposed to be Marvel’s breakthrough. The idea of an Inhuman that can see the future, and in clear and vivid images, this time, has been around the block for some time. The morality of using this power to change the future for the better (hopefully) is questioned by Tony Stark, the Iron Man. This power will eventually become the reason of the two-sided war between superheroes.

However, it is not about choosing a side anymore. The clear predictions of the future major events shouldn’t be the main plot of a superhero story. Its morality is controversial, and the superpowers cannot decipher the truth in this case. The comics are educating the readers to believe more in the power of good than the evil, and the presence of a sci-fi plot gives no moral answer. It is a controversial theme that can be debated for years with no clear outcome. This chaos shadows the impressive superpowers of the heroes and creates new questions without answers.

DC’s Rebirth, however, focuses on explanations rather on additional questions. The mysterious creation of the 52 Universe at the end of the Flashpoint issue seems to have a logical reason after all. Doctor Manhattan, a member of the Watchmen team, is behind the whole chaos that created the New 52 Universe. He messed with the timeline and presumably stole ten years of memories from existence in order to fade away the mighty power of world’s superheroes. There are important events missing from their lives now, which can weaken their relationships. This is the reason why the New 52 Universe presented younger and modern versions of the main characters.

Moreover, in the Rebirth comics, Wally West uses his powers to gather all his friends together in a new quest to stop this entity that stole years of events once and for all. Wally describes the upcoming fight against evil as a “war between hope and despair, love and apathy, faith and disbelief.”

4.     Superheroes against Superheroes or Heroes against Villains?

Marvel has tried reimaging the traditional line of a comic where the heroes fight against villains all day long. There are two camps that divide the superheroes between them:

  1. The team of Captain Marvel that supports the power of prediction:
  • Monica Rambeau
  • She-Hulk
  • Ant-Man
  • The Winter Soldier
  • Hawkeye
  • Blue Marvel
  • Medusa
  • Captain America
  • The Vision
  • War Machine
  • Spider-Man
  1. The team of Iron Man that questions the morality of stopping crime before it happens:
  • Black Widow
  • Deadpool
  • Hulk
  • Hercules
  • Black Panther
  • Luke Cage
  • Thor
  • America Chavez
  • Star-Lord
  • Daredevil

Now, the two teams might be equally powerful and the result is unpredictable which creates the element of surprise, but still there is some discomfort watching these heroes fighting against each other. It’s still not a great sight for the comics fans to see. Superheroes shouldn’t be divided, but they should unite to fight for the greater good of the humanity.

Rebirth is holding its ground with the oldy but goldy theme of good versus evil. The theme might be ancient, but it still gives the right vibe over the entire comic series. The DC team is gathering its forces to fight against yet another powerful evil entity, Doctor Manhattan. He has the power to obliterate anyone that stands in his way, so how are the DC heroes going to bring him down?

5.     The Overall Feeling of Comics

While the Marvel is 100% focused on the moral issues of the polemic theme of using visions of the future to fight crime, the Rebirth has much exciting news for their fans.

The main themes of the new DC comics are hope and optimism as clearly stated by the mysterious Pandora. However, there’s also love and family in the spotlight, which humanizes the story and gives it depth. Aquaman proposes to Mera, while Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance began to recollect the wonderful memories of their relationship that got lost because of Doctor Manhattan. There are other love themes that set a more harmonious tone to the story, and they are softening the edges of the eternal battles and fights between heroes and villains.

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