Today Marvel announced that America Chavez aka Miss America would be starting in her own series!

No words can explain how excited I am!! America landed on my radar when she became a part of the Young Avengers team during Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie run. She also appeared in A-Force and in Ultimates. Prior to all of that, her first appearance was in Vengeance back in 2011.

She has become one of my all time favorite Marvel characters and to see the announcement today at New York Comic Con that she will receive her own solo series is huge. America Chavez is Latinx LGBTQIA Super Hero AND I AM HERE FOR THIS!!

Jamie McKelvie posted on his twitter that he, along with Matt Wilson will be doing the covers for her solo series!

Other than that, no creative team has been announced and I really, really hope they hire a Latinx team for her book. Again, this is huge and such a perfect opportunity for MARVEL to hire a Latinx team to write her story. I want a Latina writer and artist to work on her book!

America is set to be released sometime in 2017 and I’m going to be following along closely for all the news about this series.

Marvel had announced back in Sept that Kate Bishop would be getting her own Hawkeye series and now with America, you’re getting my attention again Marvel.

Don’t fail me now.

(Via: Marvel Twitter)

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