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New MY LITTLE PONY: PUZZLE PARTY Is The MLP Mobile Game Fans Deserve

mlppp_logoThis past weekend was New York Comic Con, and I was able to take a break from

the craziness that is the convention to sit down and have a chat about an upcoming mobile game. This one I’m SUPER excited about, because it’s a My Little Pony game and I’ve been an MLP fan pretty much my whole life. Not only is it a My Little Pony game but it’s a SUPER cool puzzle game that follows the Friendship is Magic story line pretty closely. Let me go into details about My Little Pony: Puzzle Party.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has an EXTREMELY large fan base, and it’s really clear why: it’s a mlp_ios_screenshots_1242x2208_01fun show with cute animation and good stories. Amazing characters each with their own unique pony personalities and an amazing voice cast to match. It seems hard to make a mobile game that would meet the expectations the show gives fans – but I really think they went above and beyond with this one. There’s 143 levels, each level plays alongside the storyline on the show, and all voice actors of the Mane 6 ponies also did voices for My Little Pony: Puzzle Party. Backflip Studios tried really hard to make it fulfilling for people who enjoyed the show – and that means all people who enjoyed the show. There’s enough tutorial for the younger fans and the game is challenging enough to stay interesting for the older fans. The tutorial isn’t too tedious for older fans either – there’s only tutorial for the first 10 levels then every time you encounter something new in the game it will explain the new thing to you.

mlp_ios_screenshots_1242x2208_03Like many games, as you play it you’ll unlock more characters. Each character has features exclusive to that character – something that’s unique to each pony, much like their cutie marks. You get more than just the Mane 6, there will also be familiar faces like Spike and Discord, too. (Also, I heard there’s something WILD called Discord Infinite Mode that unlocks after 143 levels….. that sounds crazy, and I’m into it.) If you’ve seen the show, you either love or hate Discord, but you have to admit: he’s a handful for the ponies. I heard his abilities make the game a little more challenging for us humans.

All of this being in a mobile game is wild to me, but they’re not done. Backflip Studios has a LOT of fun ideas theyscreenshot_1080x1920_partytime can’t talk about yet. For those of you that want to get in on the fun, the game will be released for iOS and Android on October 13th 2016, and it’s FREE to play, with in-app purchases offered. In my personal opinion, it looks fun, addicting, and cute. It’s going to cheer me up on my lunch breaks, I can tell already. I had a lot of fun playing it for just a few minutes at NYCC and my boyfriend didn’t want to put it down, so we’ll definitely be playing it. I think Pinkie Pie would agree that My Little Pony: Puzzle Party is definitely a party worth attending.



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