Otaku USA’s ANIME FAN FEST Announces Event Dates for 2017

May 2016 saw the first ever Anime Fan Fest in New Jersey – a weekend long anime-focused convention. This year’s Anime Fan Fest brought in thousands of fans, amazing vendors and stellar guests and panels. It was rather large and impressive for a first year con – which makes me very excited for 2017.

img_2685Anime Fan Fest 2017 will take place on April 22-23rd, 2017. It’s a little earlier than this year’s convention which took place in the first week of May. I had a really good time at Anime Fan Fest 2016 – I met Pokemon voice actors Bill Rogers, Tara Sands & Michele Knotz, Vic Mignogna was there, and they had great night events like the dance and a super fun cosplay improv panel. Another cool thing about the convention was that all guest autographs were free (besides the price of the pass for the convention) so you really got the whole anime convention experience at a really low price. The nearest hotel was even really reasonably priced and REALLY close which made it not-too-far of a walk for cosplayers. It also takes place in a really beautiful location, The Garden State Exhibition Center – whichimg_2849 makes for great cosplay photoshoots. Being in the spring also means it’s not too hot for elaborate cosplays (something I complain about a lot with summer conventions, haha). No word on who they have planned for guests yet, but the official website says to keep checking back. Otaku USA backs the convention, which if you’ve ever seen the magazine you know they’re dedicated to bringing the best content to anime fans, so I bet they’ve got something good planned.

Like many other anime conventions, there were anime screenings going all day, but with this one it was right in the convention center. They had every event on site – which is something I like WAY more. With some other large northeast conventions (like NYCC and Connecticon) half the events are halfway across town which in an unfamiliar area is something I’m not about.

I know I had a good time, the cosplay was good, people were nice, guests were nice, vendor room had a wide selection and more artists than expected – and everything was convenient. I’m looking forward to 2017.


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