Show Off Your Inner Cat with A New Design From ELHOFFER DESIGN!

Catherine / Elhoffer Design is killing it with her geeky designs! If you haven’t checked out her Etsy page you need to go do it now because she added a new design that will have you in stitches!

Based off everyone’s favorite pussy cat in that awesome bat movie, the Stitches Cat Cardigan is now up for pre order!! The cardigan is based on her other releases like the Vintage Widow and Vintage color series but this cardigan has a removable hood.

A removable hood. WITH CAT EARS!!


100% Acrylic, custom knitted cardigan. Made in the USA

Cropped at the waist, 3/4 Sleeve, High neck, Single button at neckband, medium-weight knit. White knit detailing across front & back body, sleeves, and hood. ‘Elhoffer Design’ Metal label on outside below the back neckband. Open front. Hood removes with three buttons around collar of Cardigan.

This knit has a 2-6″ Stretch. Measurement specs are of un-stretched sweaters. IN GENERAL, IF YOU WEAR A MEDIUM, you a probably a medium in this sweater! (Catherine, designer behind Elhoffer Design, is a solid XL size, and she fit into the Small Cardigan. This sweater can STRETCH! We recommend actually getting your size, of course, for longevity)

I own the Vintage Widow Cardigan and I love it so much. It keeps me warm in the office. I am loving her awesome geek designs because I can wear them anywhere –  to a function, in the office, at home, to a con – and it lets me show off who I am and what I love with out being in your face “THIS IS MY FANDOM!” All her items are made in the USA in limited runs so if you are interested, go and pre order!! Pre order this one or her other cardigans! If cardigans aren’t your thing, she has some animal knit sweaters or a sweater based on a certain hit musical that no one can get tickets to… Are you going to throw away your shot on owning something awesome from Elhoffer Design?

Check out her Etsy shop for more Geek Fashion and be sure to get your orders in for the Cat Stitches Cardigan! As it’s mention is the listing: These are made in small runs, so they are extremely limited!

(Photos Via: Elhoffer Design!)

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