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Top 5 Scariest Films to Watch on Netflix

Halloween is nearly upon us. The one day of the year when you know that everybody will be doing all they can to welcome the presence of fear into their houses. This rare occasion usually calls for fancy dress and pumpkin soup, and would not be the same without a horror movie night. Here is a list of five of the best scary films that you can watch on Netflix this Halloween.


  1. The Invitation (2015)
    After accepting an invitation to a dinner party at his ex-wife and her new husband’s house, William starts to feel uneasy and suspect there is more to the party than just dinner. The couple welcome the group of guests and discuss the idea of forming a cult, one that will help to free them all from pain. There is a slow and gradual increase in suspense as Will starts to suspect the hosts of wanting more from them than first explained, and as the film progresses we start to wonder whether it is Will that is really insane, or is there something more going on?


  1. Devil (2010)
    Five strangers get trapped inside an elevator. The lights start to flicker and every time it turns black, someone dies. An inconvenience soon turns into the most frightening experience as the strangers are all wondering who the killer inside the lift is. An intensely suspenseful watch that will send shivers down your spine and, arguably, one of the best movies in the in the horror genre.


  1. The Babadook (2014)
    Samuel, a six year old boy, is having trouble sleeping and is scared of the imaginary monsters that he keeps seeing. This might seem normal for a young child, but his mother makes the mistake of trying to calm him down by reading him the story of the Babadook. By reading the story, she allows the Babadook to escape from the confines of the book. What starts out as a children’s story soon becomes an insufferable reality as mother and son try their best to escape the lingering presence of the Babadook.Dook dook dook, you can’t get rid of the Babadook!


  1. The Awakening (2011)
    After the massive loss of life in World War 1, many drew comfort from a belief in the supernatural.
    This post-war film is set in a boy’s boarding school where there have been reported hauntings. Rebecca Hall is called to investigate the scene, and although she arrives there with scepticism, she is soon pulled in to the frightening backdrop of what is undoubtedly a ghostly nightmare.


  1. Baskin (2016)
    This is the scariest and most gruesome film you will ever see. From the creators of Human Centipede and The Babadook, this Turkish horror film follows five policemen as they discover a dystopian reality. The police men receive a call from a nearby town called Inceagac, and on their way to investigate it one of them has a vision of a grotesque figure covered in blood, and consequently drives the car off course and into the nearby water. They eventually manage to get back on course and get to the town where they end up in an abandoned building. Here, the real horror begins, as they soon realize that they have entered a living hell.

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