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YU-GI-OH DUEL LINKS Mobile Game Coming WINTER 2016

ygo-dl-key-artComing in Winter 2016 is a super fun app for Yu-Gi-Oh fans – and I got a chance to play it at NYCC 2016. LET ME tell you all about it! The game is called Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, and the Konami booth at NYCC was nice enough to walk me through it.
First of all, this game was fun, and for someone that has only approximate knowledge of the Yu Gi Oh card game, it was easy to understand. If you’re into the card game, you’ll love this – you can play against other people in real time, like if you were actually playing the card game except on your phone. That’s just wild to me. We would have killed for this kind of technology back in middle school. You’ll be able to play as your fav Yu-Gi-Oh character (I picked Kaiba). The cool part about that is that the voices were the same as the ones from the show, so it wasn’t weird. ALSO you’ll be able to build a really cool deck from over 700 cards – the most iconic Monster, Trap and Spell cards. Aww yeah.

When I played it, I was playing on a GIANT screen, but I think it will look just as good on a phone because everything was really straight forward, fast paced and fun. I’m just really excited about being able to connect with other players. That should make the game challenging!

The game is published and developed by Konami Digital Entertainment Inc, and will be available in Winter 2016 for iOS/Android. It will be free to play, but there will be in-app purchases offered. I CAN’T WAIT. Since you’re probably wondering what this game actually looks like, CHECK OUT THESE COOL SCREENSHOTS! It looks like tons of fun, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



The Konami booth at NYCC where I played the game was really cool, so I took a few photos while I was there – complete with Blue Eyes White Dragon. And I found some REALLY great Yu- Gi-Oh cosplayers to pose with it.



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