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5 Video Game Habits To Adapt To Real Life

It’s interesting the different habits, traditions, quirks and tactics we as gamers have when playing games. These habits range from activities like quicksaving your game every few minutes to seeing how far you can stand on an invisible edge until you fall off.

These quirks, while may seem eccentric in games, can actually lead to productive habits in real life. Here are just a few that you might have that could help improve your life.

Persistent Quicksaving

Back in the early days of gaming, there was no way to save your game. You had to play from the beginning and had to beat the game in a single play. Then, games got passwords that you could use to skip ahead. Then, we got the most basic of game saves that would record our progress only after beating a level. Eventually, we got  the ability to save our game whenever we wanted.

This ability created a new habit in gaming of people saving more often than necessary. In large scale adventures like Skyrim, people even make a habit of saving every few minutes, even if the only thing that happened was walking towards the next objective. One big reason people do this is that, if they make a mistake that changes the game or causes them to fail a quest, they can go back and fix it.

While we can’t quicksave everything in life, it is possible to backup your data. Data corruption, viruses, and mistakes can all ruin all of your information stored on your computer and smartphone. For some, this might not be a big deal, but this could cripple the lives of others.

So the more often you backup your information, the better situation you will be in if something does go wrong. It’s possible to even update new files and add them to your current backup on a daily process. Adopting the quicksave mentality can ensure that when something does go wrong, (or you change to a new computer or device) restoring your information is easy and complete.

Healing Even the Smallest Amount of Damage

video-game-habitsNothing is quite as irritating or paranoia-inducing than having a drained health bar, even if it’s only the smallest amount empty. So, we waste a healing spell, potion, health pack, or bandage to fill up. And while this usually isn’t necessary, there are instances that doing so saves your life in a very dangerous situation.

That attitude can be a big help when it comes to keeping up with daily tasks, like doing the dishes, cleaning the house, or handling the dozen of other minor tasks we all have daily. It doesn’t take long to do, but keeping up on it prevents those little tasks from becoming large projects.

Find ways to automate or quickly finish these jobs so they don’t take up your entire day. Entire tasks can be taken care of with the help of apps and tools, like automatic bill pay, freeing up more time. (Kinda like an auto heal mechanic in a game. Makes it so you can focus more on playing and less on healing.)

Talking To Everyone

In RPG’s, the more people you talk to, the more quests you get, and in the end, more cool weapons and rewards you earn. So, for people who want the best stuff in games, they have to talk to all of the NPCs.

Being more social in real life can open many doors and opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t get. While you don’t need to talk to every single person that you meet in life, going out of your way to interact and making connections can go a long way in life. Not only will you make more friends, but it will open up opportunities in your work and more.

Doing Your Side Quests First

For some gamers, doing all of the side objectives, missions, or quests before progressing in the game is a mandatory tradition. Some do this in fear that the quests will become unavailable after a certain point, while others want to become as strong and skilled as possible before progressing.

This focused approach could adopt to managing tasks throughout the day and prioritizing what needs to be done. Many people swear by doing the biggest and hardest thing first in the day, that way the rest of the tasks feel easy comparatively. On the other hand, many focus on the easy tasks first and work their way up to the hard tasks. That way, when it comes to that hard job, they can’t procrastinate or distract themselves with other jobs.

It’s up to each person why approach they want to take, but prioritizing and planning out what you are gonna do each day can make you much more effective. The quicker you can get things done, the more free time you have for playing games.

Trying Out Your Newest Weapon

As we venture out in our games, we earn new weapons, spells, guns, and tools to work with. Whether it’s curiosity or tradition, most players have to try out everything at least once. We test out the new weapon against a few different enemies or swallow a potion to see how it affect our character. Then, if it helps, we switch and adopt it to become better at the game.

The same type of events happen in our real lives too. We get new tools, learn advanced tactics, and come by new things that could change how we do tasks. But, instead of trying them out, we often brush them aside, deciding to just continue in our stubborn ways. Yet, by simply trying new things out, it’s possible to discover ways to improve and be more effective.

New technology especially can improve how we work. Businesses that adapt to new technology are more likely to succeed, and people become more efficient. With new apps and tools constantly being developed, we always have a wealth of new tools to try out. Not every tool will be worth using all the time, but the only way to find out what works is to try them out.  

What are your thoughts? Got any video game habits that you want to share? What are you doing to help improve yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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