Composer Mario Sévigny Talks Season Two of Crackle’s Hit Show, THE ART OF MORE

Crackle’s cutthroat New York auction house drama The Art of More debuted last November, nabbing more than 2 million views within the first month, half being new to the free streaming network. Following the success of the show’s first season Crackle is giving fans another 10 episodes, available beginning November 16, 2016.

In Season 2, Graham Connor (Christian Cooke) returns to the auction business to help the FBI take down a smuggling ring that helps out terrorist groups;  Roxanna Whitman (Kate Bosworth) works her way to the top of DeGraaf’s auction house, but does so under fire;  Sam Brukner (Dennis Quaid) looks to open a museum and make a comeback in the art world, but is challenged by two women that come into his life; and Arthur Davenport (Cary Elwes) tries to get his status as an art world trendsetter back while the IRS is still in pursuit.

To celebrate Season 2, we decided to speak with the show’s composer, Mario Sévigny, about everything from what fans should expect, musically, from the upcoming season to how he first got involved in the show. Read the full interview below.

-Can you tell us how you first got involved with The Art of More?

I got a call from Muse Entertainment whom has an office in Montreal, they are in charge of the whole post-production of the show.  I worked with them on other projects so they were familiar with my work. They asked me to send in cues I already had composed, so the producers could hear my work. After that they then asked me to pitch on the show, so I scored about 4-5 scenes. They liked what they heard so I got the job!


-Season 2 of The Art of More premieres November 16. How would you describe the new season?

A lot more action!! I think the first season of every show is there to establish everything. The storylines, characters and how they connect. In season 2 people are attached to their heroes and want to know what happens to them. This season is more around Roxanna Whitman (Played by Kate Bosworth) and how she manages to take over her father’s legacy.  We discover a lot of old secrets… Graham (played by Christian Cooke) has a whole new mission this year and is still struggling between good and bad. In one word I would describe the new season as, “Intense”!

-Did you do anything different, musically, in this new season than the first?

I went darker with the music. There is a new character (Paul Rice played by Matt Frewer), he deals Middle Eastern stolen art and finances terrorism. He’s a dark character so I used weird ambiances and reversed effects to give him his tone. I also bring back Roxanna’s theme, but played it differently as her story evolves

-You have scored network shows, such as “Mohawk Girls” in Canada. How different is scoring a streaming show?

It’s the same thing. We still have breaks (certain platforms insert publicity) and the way the show is filmed is about the same, so I treat this as if it was on a network.

-Knowing that viewers can watch the show straight through, all 10 hours, does that change how you score the show?

It’s about the same as normal TV shows. The only difference since people can binge watch is that they don’t wait a week before they can watch the next episode. So for the music I have to be careful not to bring themes too close from each other. It may sound weird but if you end an episode with a certain theme you can’t use the same at the beginning of the next one!

-The Art of More takes place in the gritty New York auction scene. Does setting affect your score at all?

Yes of course. The music needs to set up the tone of the show. The producers and I discussed what kind of ambiance they want the music to give the show. It’s a mix of dark, distorted instruments and high class strings to reflect the two sides of the show.

-There is a new character this season, Olivia Brukner played by Merritt Patterson. Did you create a specific theme for her? If so, can you tell us about it.

Well I did a theme for her and her dad (Played by Dennis Quaid). It’s a playful theme that reflects their relationship. They have a great complicity and end up working together. She really is her dad’s daughter!

-Overall, what was your favorite part of working on Season 2?

Definitely the action scenes! There wasn’t much of them on season 1 so it was a treat this year!! Dealers invading crack houses, FBI raids and fight scenes. That should give you the tone of this season!

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