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Netflix’s TRAVELERS – Review

Time travel seems to have taken over the sci-fi television trend recently, replacing zombie apocalypses and vampire love triangles.  We’ve seen shows like NBC’s Timeless, Hulu’s 11-22-63, and Syfy’s 12 Monkeys, and now Brad Wright’s new drama for Netflix, Travelers.

Travelers doesn’t take us to the future or to the past, but brings time Travelers to our present, in order to save the future of the world from an impending meteor disaster. The time Travelers come back via consciousness and take over the identity of hosts who were going to die anyway.

The “Travelers” come in teams of five, each who have their own specialty. Unfortunately our team encounters hurdles with their host bodies. Marcy Warton (MacKenzie Porter) is intellectually disabled and faces death as a result of her new consciousness and Philip Pearson (Reilly Dolman) ends up in the body of a heroin addict but is also the group’s historian, and is struggling to retain his mental capacity while high.

The Travelers team, led by FBI Agent Grant Mclaren (Eric Mccormack), gets orders from the future from a “director” and tries to complete these missions whilst keeping the identities of their hosts in play.

The premise is great, and the first episode hooks you in, but as the season continues, the story slows down tremendously.  Character development also slows down, and at the end of the season it feels like we still don’t know or can’t connect with the characters fully.

The thing I love about NBC’s Timeless is that I get emotionally invested in what’s at stake, but Travelers doesn’t add weight to the impending doom, which leaves room for disconnection.

The artsy style of direction is also distracting and annoying, especially when you’re trying to connect with the characters. The flow of the show wasn’t consistent from episode to episode, which left leaving us questioning what just happened.

That being said, the premise is terrific and the performances from Eric Mccormack and the rest of the cast are good. Admittedly, it was hard to get his Will & Grace character out of mind.

Netflix has released Season 1 of Travelers in a series of twelve episodes. No word on renewal, but I’m sure it’s likely. Travelers seems to have promise, as long as it picks up the pace, or replaces it’s lack of speed with more insight and action.

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