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Season 4 of Fox’s SLEEPY HOLLOW Gets a Makeover

In new place, with new characters, and a fresh new feel, Sleepy Hollow returned to Fox for its fourth season, this time without a main character, Abbie Mills.

Last spring the creators of Sleepy Hollow announced that Nicole Beharie would not be coming back to portray Abbie Mills in season four. Her character is killed off, but leaves the idea of her eternal soul finding another host.

The notion of killing off a main character was disappointing and ludicrous to me as a fan, but behold Ichabod Crane and the new Sleepy Hollow, whose makeover turned out to be surprisingly refreshing and awesome.

Season four brings us a new female lead with Janina Gavankar, who we know and love from True Blood. She plays Homeland Security Agent Diana Thomas, who is introduced to Crane (Tom Mison) at the Lincoln Memorial via the usual creepy circumstances.

New villains have popped up, and the fate of the world is still at stake, but with the addition of a few new characters, and a few of the old including Jenny Mills (Lyndie Greenwood) and the return of the Headless Horseman, the show feels broader and more connected.

The setting has changed from Sleepy Hollow to Washington DC which seems a natural progression considering the amount of importance the founding fathers have to the premise of the show.

The other cool spin is that there is a hint that Diana Thomas’s 9 year old daughter may be the new witness, harnessing Abbie’s eternal soul. The dynamic of a child witness working with Crane is new and curious, and feels pretty promising.

With Abbie Mills  gone I wondered how they would make it work, but with the new and yes slightly improved Sleepy Hollow, it looks like this season will be one to watch and enjoy. Secretly we’re still hoping to see Abbie again, even if its just a cameo!

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