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Beast and Jubilee Join the Fight in Marvel Heroes 2016

Gazillion Entertainment is proud to announce that Beast and Jubilee have joined the fight in Marvel Heroes 2016. Starting today, players can experience Beast, Marvel Heroes 2016’s 60th playable Super Hero. As an original member of the X-Men, Beast (aka Dr. Henry McCoy) has made a name for himself as the team’s wittiest mutant and a man of many talents. Beast comes equipped with abilities that showcase a unique fighting style befitting his primal agility and applied science in the form of his own inventions, including the X-Jet. Since he plays a critical role on the X-Men, Beast can also call on fellow Super Heroes Archangel, Nightcrawler, and Jean Grey for some timely team-work!

Jubilee (aka Jubilation Lee) also joins the fight today as a brand-new Team-Up character. Team-Up characters can be summoned to battle alongside players, gaining experience and growing in power over time. When selected, Team-Up characters also offer a variety of passive bonuses while out of combat. With her signature fireworks, Jubilee is sure to light up the room with her spectacular energy plasmoid displays.

“Beast and Jubilee has been a true passion project for our team and we’re excited to release our first new characters in 2017,” said Dave Dohrmann, CEO at Gazillion Entertainment. “With the launch of Marvel Heroes 2016’s biggest update ever out the door, today’s debut also marks a return to focus on creating new content and bringing even more beloved characters from the Marvel Universe to life.”

All this follows Marvel Heroes 2016’s BIGGEST UPDATE EVER, Gazillion Entertainment’s largest and most expansive update to the game since it first launched in 2013. With largescale updates and improvements to nearly every aspect of the game, there’s never been a better time to play Marvel Heroes 2016.

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