Check Out These Distractotron Cosplay Videos From Katsucon 2017

I think we can all agree that conventions great whether it’s comics, anime, game, etc. Who wouldn’t like being around other people with similar interests? Regardless of what type of  convention you attend, there will always be one type to show up: Cosplayers. Cosplaying is such a awesome form of appreciation for characters that were at one time just thoughts in the minds of their creators. I’m not sure what they thought of their ideas at the time but they made something with such an affect that their fans took to them.

Katsucon 2017 definitely saw its share of cosplaying and they did not disappoint (though really no one can really disappoint in cosplaying). To bring to those of us that did not make it to Katsucon this year, Distractotron has put together not 1 but 2 videos displaying the hard work and creativity these fans put in to their costumes. Though I’m not familiar with all the characters, it has piqued my interest in them and want to learn more about them. And I must say that so much though (and I’m sure time) was put into them. Just hats off and around of applause to all of you.

I hope you enjoy their video and one day get a chance to do some cosplay yourself.


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