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Game Console Trade-ins Hit Record High Leading up to the Nintendo Switch Launch has reported a spike in games console trade-ins leading up to this week’s launch of the Nintendo Switch.

The site, which gives customers cash for unwanted games consoles, video games, CDs, DVDs and books found that trade-ins of gaming devices increased by 66 percent in the weeks leading up to the Switch release, with trade-ins of the New Nintendo 3DS XL and the Nintendo Wii U console growing by a record 70 percent.

Interestingly, trade-ins of the XBOX ONE and PlayStation 4 also increased by 38 percent and 43 percent respectively, marking the highest trade-in rate for both devices over the last 18 months.

“We’d already seen a steady growth in Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U trade-ins since Christmas, but this increased to unprecedented levels in the weeks leading to the Nintendo Switch launch, as consumers started to trade-in their older consoles in preparation to upgrade in early March,” said Liam Howley, marketing director at Decluttr.

Howley added, “Decluttr offers up to $90 and $105 respectively for the New Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo Wii U, so it’s no surprise that savvy customers are looking to cash in on their old gaming devices. With Decluttr’s faster payments, customers will be able to have the money sent straight to their bank account as soon as the items have been processed at our headquarters.”

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About Decluttr is a completely free and easy way for customers to get cash for their unwanted CDs, DVDs, video games, mobile phones and other electronics including game consoles, tablets, iPods and more all in one place.
The company’s website and smartphone app mean that anyone can easily sell their unwanted products and reap the benefits – from making a little extra cash and freeing up valuable space in the home, to reducing the need for borrowing and minimizing their impact on the environment. gives customers an instant reward value for their unwanted stuff using a smart valuation engine named ‘Val’ and it pays out via check or bank transfer on the next working day after the goods are received. The service is completely free to use, there are no auction or seller fees and Decluttr even pays the shipping.

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