The 100 Season 4 Premieres Tonight on The CW!

Fan favorite, The 100, returns to the CW tonight – February 1 – for its fourth season! Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Bellamy (Bob Morley), and the rest of the gang are back for what is sure to be a spectacular new chapter in this saga of survival against all odds.

If you haven’t checked out The 100 yet, no worries. The short seasons make it easy to catch up, but for your convenience, here are the basics. The 100 is the story of a group of teens chosen to return to Earth almost 200 years after a nuclear blast forced most of the population into space. The caveat being that they weren’t volunteers, but “criminals.” In space, since resources were finite, even the most minor infractions were considered capital crimes.

After the 100 (aptly named for their number) arrived on the ground, it was their job to ascertain whether it was safe. It didn’t take long before teen angst took hold and you can guess what happened next.

Life on their space homestead deteriorated quickly and by season two the rest of the space station refugees came crashing down to Earth, quite literally.

Glowing plants and two-headed deer aside, the biggest shocker for everyone was the number of people who had survived after Earth hung its “condemned” sign on the door. The 100 has continued to explore both sides of those factions of survivors, with adult interference thwarting the strong-willed teens only marginally.

Chaos, adventure, romance – The 100 has it all!

Check out the extended trailer for season four (all the way at the top) and let us know if you’re rooting for Bellarke as much as we are!

The new season of The 100 premieres tonight – Wednesday, February 1 at 9/8c!


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