Extreme Travel Gadgets, Beyond the Power Bank [Infographic]

Travel gadgets are one of those areas where it’s great to totally geek out on. And like any great gadget should do, travel gadgets should make travel easier, safer and more entertaining. In recent years power banks have stolen all of the glory as the must have travel gadget, and for good reason, we rely on our phones for all sort of activities especially when travelling such as finding our way around and taking photos, so they are extremely handy.

We delved a little deeper and found some equally great travel gadgets that will simplify your tech and life while you’re travelling. While there are hundreds of ingenious gadgets that could have been included in our list, we tried to include a range that will help you with different aspects of your travel adventure, from packing, security, internet connectivity and well-being.

So without further introduction, check out this great infographic put together by hotel company De Vere to discover some great travel gadgets you might not have seen before:

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