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We recently had the chance to talk with Fred Perry about Tactics Elemental. which is on the Nutaku platform. Keep reading for the interview and to learn more about the game.

How did you get involved in the project for the video game Tactics Elemental? I got the idea after binging on a game called Fire Emblem:Awakening. It was a great tactical game but had some elements in it that I wished were a bit more intimate. The ability to have little interludes with pairs of NPCs that you brought on missions together. I was already a big fan of tactical rpgs like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre. And no one was making adult tactical rpgs for me, so I decided I’d better do it if I was going to get what I wanted.

Why Nutaku and what is the platform? I decided Nutaku would be an excellent distribution platform after purchasing a few of their games. I thought TE would fit right into their western game lineup.

With Tactics Elemental having a sexual theme in the game, were you okay creating those types of scenes? Are you kidding? I love creating adult art and stories. Mostly because I’m kind of starved for the stuff I really want to see from adult art and stories. I love it when couples are into each other. Having sex because they love to have sex with their partner not just because they love to have sex. I kinda need connections to get into things, you know? Well, admittedly there are scenes where there’s raw sexy stuff, but those are incidental or move the story.

By chance, have you yourself played any NSFW type games before? If so, which games? Ohhhh, my Adult game history is pretty long. But not really populated. I began with the viper series in the late early 2000s. Had a drought for about 10 years before I ran into Bonetown. Then another drought. Then I found Princess Trainer, and recently 2 games I found on Nutaku: Eroico and Aigis.

Your comic Gold Digger have been around for almost 30 years, do you think your readers would be surprised that you’re involved in a hentai genre game? Welllll, not really. Gold Digger is kind of cheeky. Not adult but I mix comedy, action and fanservice. I don’t think folks would be surprised if they found out that I don’t stop at the “tease” from time to time in my other stories.

Gold Digger itself have already been made into a OVA movie, with your debut in the game world, do you see a game developing for the comic in the future?Actually yes. In completing Tactics Elemental’s development I was actually testing. I wanted to make sure I can take a project this big from start to finish and then some… (Made about 4 before this one, but didn’t have the time to take them to completion.) Before I start on GD’s game I wanted to make sure I had the chops.

What’s been your favorite part of your involvement in Tactics Elemental?Creating the interlude stories. It got difficult because I’d kind of get myself too excited and I’d need to take breaks every once in a while 😀

With your career reaching close to 30 years, are there things that you’re learning even today in the business that is helping you develop as an artist and you feel will keep you creating for more years to come? I try new mediums whenever I can. I still don’t know if I’ll have a better way to tell a story if I don’t try new ways to tell them.

Best advice someone has given you that you still live by today? Keep it simple, stupid.

What advise/experience do you have that you would tell someone? Sometimes you’re behind. Sometimes you’re ahead. The race in life is long. And in the end, it’s only with yourself.

Is there any other game or comic projects that you have coming up that you can share/promote with us? This year I’m planning to produce 3+ new add-ons for Tactics Elemental as DLC. They’ll be additional chapters that tell the story beyond the defense of the world of Nowhere and dive into the very creation of its universe and the elder beings who put it up for mortgage!

About Tactics Elemental

An erotic, rollicking Tactical RPG within the fantasy realm of “Nowhere”! A world threatened with existential consumption by a race of enter-planar nightmares!

There is but one hope for the Sage of Arach Niac and her company of heroes… The Eternial: A home-made, unbelievably sexy avatar of divine power! That and the world’s bond enchantment, which grants pairs of sex-soaked lovers fantastic battle-field powers!

Key Game Features

• Tactical Battle System with 90+ Battle Stages(Story and Sidequest)

• 9 Man character NPCs and 20 additional NPCs to take into battle and pair into lovers

• 220+ Uncensored Interludes (composed of over 500 scenes)

• Bond-Enchantment system: (Pairs gain power as they grow closer and have more sex!)

• Visual Novel Style Interactions (As romantic prospects fight together they gain affinity and
grow their bond. 56+ pair bond combinations! )

• No DRM

• Day 1 launch edition includes the first DLC bundle absolutely free!

• More DLC Campaigns planned for the future!

The Author

Sabrina Brown

Sabrina Brown

Contributing Editor

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