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The Sims Mobile Will Be Coming To iOS And Android Smartphones

If you are a fan of The Sims like I am, you are going to love this news. The Sims has announced that they will release a mobile version of the game playable on iOS and Android smartphones. Based on the game play preview, it looks like you can do the same features that you could in the PC version, well more specifically the Sims 4 “legacy challenge”. You create your sim, give it or build it a home, and start their sim life journey. If you’ve never played the game, I suggest you take the opportunity to try out the mobile version and see how many hours of your life your spend playing with theirs.

There was a soft launch release of The Sims mobile game today but it is only available in the country of Brazil. If you want to get more information on when the mobile version will finally be releases, visit for more information and to subscribe to updates.

The popular simulation game, created by Maxis Studios and Electronic Arts, was first released back in 2000 and has had many expansions and variations of the game including an online version, a version playable on consoles and Facebook, and a free play version that was also available on iOS devices, Android, and Kindle Fire.


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