Check Out This Evolution On The Many Designs Of Catwoman [Infographic]

Catwoman made her comic book debut 77 years ago in Batman #1 and has since been one of the Caped Crusader’s greatest villains while also being a love interest of Bruce Wayne. Despite the fact that they’re both on opposite sides of the law, there has always been an attraction between Batman and Catwoman. He even proposed to her recently! Throughout her early years, she was known as “The Cat” or “Cat-Woman” before being consistently referred to as Catwoman. The feline villain also went through many costumes with varying styles and colors. It wasn’t until the Post-Crisis era of the late 80s when she first donned the jumpsuit that is so common with her look over the past 30 years.

One of the more memorable appearances of Catwoman came 25 years ago (June, 1992) in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. Michelle Pfieffer’s performance in the role was downright scary. From the haunting transformation into a supervillain to the sewn-together black latex suit (complete with claws), this Catwoman was a far cry from her first appearance in 1940. Take a look at all of the main appearances of Catwoman over the years in our infographic below!


Evolution of Catwoman Infographic

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