GAME OF THRONES – What to Expect in Season 7 – SPOILERS

Warning: major spoilers ahead!

Game of Thrones season 7 is less than a month away and promises to be the bloodiest season yet. HBO have whetted our appetites for more adventures in the land of Westeros with a series of, quite frankly, epic trailers. While not enough to arrive at a satisfying conclusion of how events will unfold, we can take a stab at what might transpire. However it is worth noting that this is Game of Thrones – a series that is full of upsets and shocks, especially if season 6 is anything to go by. Therefore, our various theories may prove to be totally incorrect. Let’s recap on what happened in the last season:

Game of Thrones Season 6 Recap

Cersei Lannister ended season 6 with a literal bang, toasting her rivals and completely negating any memories of her beaten and tortured self in season 5. Unfortunately, this led to the loss of Tommen who committed suicide, but after a moment of grief – Cersei stepped up to take the Iron Throne.

Jon Snow was also pretty busy, being crowned  King of the North by The Wildlings, the Knights of the Vale and the surviving Houses of the North. But that wasn’t all for Mr Snow, and fans were treated to a semi confirmation of the infamous R+L=J theory. Brandon uses his powers and reveals that Jon is the offspring of Lyanna Stark – confirming that he is in fact of the Stark bloodline, making him a serious contender for the Iron Throne.

And then we have Daenerys Stormborn – who is currently sailing to Westeros with a gigantic army and deadly dragons in tow. And now we have caught up on current events – let’s look at what could happen in season 7:

What to expect in Game of Thrones Season 7

Well one thing’s for certain, it doesn’t look too promising for old Cersei Lannister. Not only does she have the full might of a Daenerys controlled army about to knock on the door of King’s Landing – but we also can’t imagine vaporising a room full of nobles going down too well with various groups of Westeros. Could Cersei be foiled by a well timed betrayal? Judging by what has gone before, it’s definitely on the cards.

And then we have Jon Snow and the half confirmation of the R+L=J theory – a topic that has inspired all sorts of forums posts and online quizzes. Now that Lyanna Stark has been confirmed as his mother – will Rhaegar Targaryen finally be confirmed as his dad? And more importantly – will Jon Snow discover the truth about his identity? Having both Stark and Targaryen blood coursing through his veins gives him one of the strongest claims to the Iron Throne. This potential self-discovery could urge Mr Snow to amass forces for a showdown at King’s Landing.

The events of season 6 have set in motion a number of plot points that seem to be heading in the same direction. Some kind of game changing confrontation is set to happen but whether it happens in the new season is yet to be seen. We also have to consider the gradual march of the White Walkers – in the released trailer, a group of Wildlings hudde in a defensive formation indicating some kind of battle. Davos also stresses in the trailer that the Iron Throne is of little significance with ice zombies about to destroy everything.

Whatever happens in the new season, we look forward to another helping of bloodshed, drama and action from one of the best shows on the telly. Game of Thrones Season 7 starts on the 17th July.

How well do you know Game of Thrones? Have some fun with this online GoT quiz to test your knowledge and see how much of a fan you are!

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