Utomic Edge – Drop Protection with a Minimalist Design

I have been using the Utomic Edge on my iPhone 7 Plus for the week and am liking the case so far. For some reason I have been on a kick for reviewing cases lately. Oddly enough I started with the Urban Armor, then moved on to the Peel case and am now on Utomic Edge case. Why that is funny to me is that the UA case is extremely rugged and I have since been getting more and more minimal.

The Utomic Edge Case takes minimal to a new level. The case only covers the four edges of the phone, but that does not mean it does not provide protection for the phone. What gives the case protection is technology called FlexCore, which has a hard outer shell and soft inner shell much like a bike helmet. Each of the corners contain FlexCore and supposedly can protect the phone from a 6ft drop. Unfortunately, I am not going to do a test of that with my $800+ iPhone 7 Plus. I will just take Utomic’s word for it.

I did a short video review of the Utomic Edge case. Check it out below:

I was sent the case and a tempered glass screen protector. The case was relatively easy to put on. The only trouble I had was that one of the edges kept coming off. Now that a few days have gone by the edges are all securely on. I SUCK at putting screen protectors. I couldn’t get the screen protector to go on without bubbles and then after numerous attempts at removing them I ended up breaking the protector.

Utomic also sent me one of their charging cables to check out. It is both a charging cable and a sync cable. I like it because of the braiding around the cable which will hopefully make it hold up more over time. The cool thing about the cable is that it comes with a handy carrying case for easy transport.

Here is a description of the Utomic Edge case from the website:

Dynamic Protection

Think of how a football helmet protects your head. The hard outer shell is able to shift and absorb energy during impacts because it has a softer inner layer that is loosely attached to the player. Utomic Edge is made up of four independent protectors with a nearly indestructible outer shell and impact dampening inner layers to dynamically protect your phone.

FlexCore™ Outer Shell

FlexCore™ is an advanced resin composite infused with metal particles and solid colorant that won’t fade, chip or damage your phone. It is nearly indestructible to impact damage and has self-healing properties allowing it to take an impact and protect your phone.

3M® Adhesive Foam Inner Layers

Incredibly strong 3M® adhesive is layered with impact dampening foam. These layers are joined with the FlexCore™ outer shell with Utomic’s proprietary bonding process to protect while creating a reliable bond.

Watch their video for an even better description of the case:

The good news is that the Utomic Edge does not permanently harm your phone. The adhesive strips do not leave a residue. For someone like me who changes cases often, this is a good thing. The only downside to the case is that the body of the phone is left unprotected. I actually like that, but worry about scratching my phone. All in all this is a great way to protect your phone with style. If you are looking for a minimal case that provides drop protection, I highly recommend the Utomic Edge.

Buy the Utomic Edge case for $34.99.

Share your thoughts in the comments below. Let us know your favorite bit of tech and maybe we will review it in the future.

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