Four Things That Could Happen during Season Four of The Flash (Possible Spoilers Ahead)

Barry Allen has definitely been put through the ringer the last few seasons of The Flash. He has not only discovered his greatest mentor to be his greatest enemy, but a friend in disguise killed his father. Barry became so angry that he raced back in time to prevent his mother’s death. By doing so, he created an alternate timeline called Flashpoint. Soon, Barry found himself in a new universe where both his parents were still alive. However, he missed the life he had before. With the help of the Reverse-Flash, he was able to undo the changes he had made.

Yet, some things were altered again and remained permanent. One change was that Caitlin Snow, his friend at STAR Labs, became a villain known as Killer Frost. Now, after the initial changes to her character, she is neither Caitlin nor Killer Frost as of the end of season three. For his crimes in the timeline and his role in the creation of the villain Savitar, Allen decides to enter the Speed Force for punishment.

These developments will likely lead viewers to ask, “Who is left to protect the city?” That’s the question many viewers are hoping to answer. Here are four things you are likely to see happen on The Flash during season four:

1.) Wally West is the new Flash. Wally already became Kid Flash this past season. He was Kid Flash during Flashpoint and eventually became that character in the main timeline, thanks to the actions of Doctor Alchemy. Now, without Barry left to protect the city, he is the only speedster left on Earth One capable of providing such protection. The question now is, will he follow in Barry’s footsteps?

2.) The Rise of the Thinker. On multiple episodes of season three, including the finale, the Thinker was mentioned as someone Barry Allen had yet to fight. Abra Kadabra and Savitar both mentioned his name during the course of season three. The issue at hand will be whether he is ready to take on the Thinker. Rumor has it that the Thinker will bring together all the enemies in Flash’s rogues gallery in order to take down our hero himself. If Wally is the only Flash around, can he battle them all by himself?

3.) The Reverse-Flash returns. You can never take the Reverse-Flash down, as comic fans know. Even though he was erased from existence in The Flash season one and in Legends of Tomorrow season two, he always comes back. The Reverse-Flash is inextricably tied to Barry Allen throughout time. His fate will be forever intertwined with that of the Flash’s. It’s only a matter of time until the Man in Yellow returns.

4.) Barry Allen’s return. Barry Allen will never vanish forever. He is the main character of the series. It’s called The Flash for a reason. His friends will help him return from the Speed Force. The only question is whether he might be any different from how he was in the beginning.

Many people have enjoyed The Flash during all three seasons. Some may have thought the third season was weak. However, it provided a strong endpoint for Barry and his three-season arc. The Flash season four might be a fresh start for the character when he inevitably returns to Central City.

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