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The Legacy of Goldeneye: 007

Nobody who was growing up during the 1990s won’t remember spending hours on the couch playing Goldeneye: 007 on the couch with their friends in front of the television. It was not only part of the era where the Nintendo 64 reigned supreme but it was a must-have video game for anyone who wanted to play the most popular video games. There were things that made Goldeneye: 007 quite different from other video games out there. It was unique in so many ways that it eventually even had a remake with the James Bond resembling that of Daniel Craig, the modern Bond, versus the Pierce Brosnan version of Bond, whose movie title and story were used for the video game. Digging into the nuts and bolts of the video game can provide a better understanding as to why the game is still praised by so many people out there.

There were lots of different segments of fans the video game appealed to. There were the James Bond fans who enjoyed the game because they liked James Bond. They may have gone to see Goldeneye and were big fans, so they wanted to play the video game adaptation of it. The game actually added more in certain areas to the totality of the story, which the film did not. Is that to say the video game adaptation was better than the original film product itself? That’s up to James Bond fans of all different sorts to argue. The video game, in fact, actually created many new James Bond fans because not everyone who initially played the game were James Bond fans before they got their hands on their N64 controllers.

Yes, there were some who just loved video games and heard about the appeal. There was a lot to love about the video game. The single-player alone was something quite great. You could go through the game playing as James Bond and exploring the life of being MI6’s best 00 agent with a lot more freedom and in-depth access than you were given during the film version, which is still quite legendary in its own run. You would obviously not need a Christian alcohol rehab for drinking too much like Bond may require. You were able to go toe to toe with Alec Trevelyan, your one-time ally who was 006 and chase him across a bridge. You could save Natalya Simonova from being killed on a train. While those were events either in the movie or expanded upon for the video game, you were capable of making all your own adventures with friends.

Did you have a particular favorite minor video game character? You could play as everyone from a Russian Soldier to a Jungle Commando. It was quite great that you could play as characters that were either very minor or had nothing to do with the game or the movie. The game even featured characters such as Jaws, Oddjob or even Baron Samedi. The fact you might be able to build your own James Bond universe meant there was no limit to what you could do. And that’s where cheat codes came in.

Did you ever want to play a game with big heads? How about with paint guns? There were cheat codes you could enter on your GameShark that would allow you to surpass all of the protections in the game and simply have a good time. GameShark was a legendary cheating tool in video games during that time, which gave you access frankly to anything you wanted out of a game without having to work for it. They even had one for the GameBoy, which could grant you access to catching any type of Pokemon. All gamers have probably seen it or even used the device. It makes the games a tad bit more fun if you do not wish to invest all your time and energy in unlocking everything.

There were some who probably played the game while partying. They could have drunk too much alcohol and maybe the need for a Christian alcohol rehab. That would be beside the point. The game was fun but if people partied too much while playing it, that may have been a cause for concern. However, the thing about the game was it still remains legendary regardless.

There were many great and awesome memories made while playing the game. The graphics and replay value were impressive for the time when the game was released. There was nothing quite like it, playing with your three other friends or family members around you. Nothing probably will ever take its place ever as the continued production of video games and their gaming consoles continues.

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