High performance, ease of use, and minimalistic yet eye-catching design is what Apple devices popular for and that is why these attributes plus the unique lifestyle philosophy have driven the high demand for Macs. However, learning how to effectively use a Mac will take some time if you have never used one before, thus the need to have some Mac tips and tricks for ease of use.

Hotspot Signal Strength and Battery Check on iPhone

Staying online is a top priority for mobile devices users and certainly for Mac users. This feature is good for that and will assist you to set up an iPhone hotspot and share the connection with your Mac. You will see the signal strength and your iPhone’s battery status which allows you to monitor battery life.

Safari has Private Web Browsing

The latest Safari 11 version has strict cookie handling policies to protect user privacy. Apple’s Safari browser allows users private web browsing by opening a private window and every new tab opened in the private window is confidential.

Universal Clipboard

Universal Clipboard allows the copying and pasting of files across Apple devices and Mac OS Sierra and High Sierra users have it. No more mail texting or Airdropping videos and pictures from the iPhone to Mac. It is secure and uses peer-to-peer sharing via Bluetooth- it does not transfer over the internet.

Sync across all your Apple devices

Back up all your data on iCloud file sharing feature and then sync your data across all your Apple devices. Doing this will make switching computers or devices very easy since you will access your information from any of the synced devices. This feature works for both Desktop and Documents folders concurrently or not; you cannot specific folders or files thus the need for adequate space on your iCloud Drive.

Unlock Your Mac using Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch you can use it to unlock your Mac to avoid typing a password and it works via Bluetooth for security.

Optimized Storage for Disk Space

This feature helps Mac users to reclaim disk space which is a typical problem because of relatively small SSDs get overloaded with data fast.

More Things you can do on a Mac

The other cool features on a Mac are things like Apple Pay for fast electronic payments available to High Sierra users and Night Shift mode which helps fight insomnia and eye problems. Other feature offered through the voice command component Siri, are:

  • Computer storage check
  • FaceTime calls
  • Hands-free Tweeting
  • Extensive documents search
  • Location-based reminders

Remember that your Mac’s performance is dependent on the strength of hardware, software, maintenance, and handling. Keeping your devices clean and use anti-malware protection to prevent risks such as system failure and computer viruses from affecting and infecting your computer respectively. It is highly recommended that you use onboard Mac utilities and certified and trusted third-party apps to clean and optimize your Mac OS to lengthen the lifespan of your Mac device.


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