STAR WARS Infographic Shows the Insane Cost of Powering the Death Star

This Star Wars infographic shows the GIGANTIC cost of powering the death star.

Infographics are pretty cool, but they are even cooler when they are Star Wars related. Check out this infographic from Ovo Energy that displays the full cost of operating the Death Star. Here’s a hint. It’s EXPENSIVE.


Here is the letter from the Ovo Energy site:

Dear Mr Vader, your energy bill’s arrived…and it’s really quite something. In fact, you might want to take a deep (hoarse) breath about now.

Yes, with the latest Star Wars spin-off set to zoom into cinemas soon, we got to thinking – just how much would it cost to power an evil empire? And what are the practical implications of running the Death Star? Aside from fuelling your planet-destroying laser there are, of course, more trivial matters to consider. Like feeding your crew, dealing with their laundry, taking readings on your smart meter and disposing of the rubbish. You see? Even super villains need to do chores.

What do you think of this Star Wars infographic?

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