Movie remakes are usually horrible and should never have been made. This video from CineFix shows the top 5 movie remakes of all time.

Top 5 Move Remakes Video Synopsis:

It’s almost human nature to complain about remakes, but sometimes you need a second take to get it right. From shot-for-shot remakes to wildly different spins on familiar stories and everything in between, these are the 5 best remakes of all time.

The Movies

Shot-for-shot – Funny Games & Funny Games
Upgrade – LA Takedown & Heat
Same Story, Different Interpretation – Nosferatu & Nosferatu: The Vampyre
Same Premise, New Direction – The Thing From Another World & The Thing
Just the Seed of the Idea – La Jetee & 12 Monkeys

Which is your favorite of the movie remakes?

The Author

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Jim Napier

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